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Friday, September 5, 2014

35 Weeks

How far along: 35 weeks
Total weight gain: +20 lbs
Favourite clothes: Sweat pants
Sleeping: Been using unisom to get some interrupted sleep between coughing and peeing
Best Moment: Date night for James' birthday!
Worst Moment: Bronchitis. In summer. Really?!
Miss anything: Not taking 8 pills a day
Cravings: None
New symptoms: Same old same old. Fatigue, back pain, hip pain, some contractions, lots of movement, headaches
Looking forward to: Hopefully getting into our house next week. Having a dishwasher, a decent-sized fridge and freezer, and our nice (though old) washing machine and dryer will be wonderful!!
Crafting: Working up another cupcake hat in a different yarn, and then back to the wave blanket

Sunday morning, G managed to get out of his room and into ours, so for the first time ever, I woke up to him standing net to my side of the bed, saying "Mama, mama!" At 5:30 am. We got to church, which was simple since it was at Beckwith that week! They were having the backpack and school supply blessing and a picnic following the service, but G and I were still sick and barely made it through lunch. We headed back to the house for naptime for everybody after lunch; luckily G didn't notice the bounce house.

Monday was boiling hot, so we ended up staying inside to keep cool. G had a short nap, and James and I took him to the doctor, since he was still coughing a lot, especially at night and naptime. They said he looked healthy and the cough wasn't in his lungs, so she sent us home with some samples of cough medicine (yay for avoiding purchasing a prescription!) and told us he was fine to go to school the next day. Tuesday went really well! G seemed to enjoy being back at school, and he was one of the few who didn't cry when dropped off. It was useful as well because I was still extremely sick, and ended up needing to see a doctor. It was a good thing I did, because it turns out I didn't have just a cold, but bronchitis. My first ever respiratory infection. In the middle of summer. How is that even possible? Life doesn't stop though, and we left G with my mom that afternoon and went to go look at gas fireplaces. He had a good time with "Gaga" (all grandparents are currently Gaga) but was happy to see us when we got home too.

Wednesday night, he refused to let go of his blue plastic truck through his bath, teeth brushing and pyjama change. I checked on him after he had fallen asleep, and he was still clutching it in his sleep. I think we've moved beyond fascination and into obsession with trucks, tractors, cars and anything that has a motor! Thursday was a full day! We had the ultrasound in the morning, and everything looks great! She's about 5.75 lbs right now, not affected by the single cord vessel at all, and looks healthy. Everybody commented again on how active she is (yes, I know, it's my kidneys she's practicing roundhouse kicks on!) and it looks like that's the last ultrasound we'll need since she has enough amniotic fluid to get her through the end of the pregnancy. It was also James' birthday!! Mom took G for the night and we went out to Cosmo's and had a lovely dinner out. We haven't done that in a while. I know it's not that long since we've been out, but so much has been going on that it feels like forever. It was nice to have dinner without needing to baby wrangle!

Friday showed me just how quickly my baby boy is growing up. James let me sleep in (angel) and G pushed his stool over to the bathroom sink and brushed his teeth by himself! James got him the toothbrush and all, but I just couldn't handle how grown up he looked standing there brushing his teeth (I only saw the picture, but still). It just drove home how grown up he's become. Saturday drove home how little he still is. We tried to take maternity photos and it was just a failure all around, for multiple reasons. The camp photographer was nice enough to agree to meet us, so we got all ready, and went down to the pier. It had been another early morning for G, and he was on the edge of fussy. I was hoping we could manage, but apparently we just pushed a bit too much because he did not want to be held and did not want to eat or drink. When we went down to the beach, he just wanted to walk out into the water. In his clothes and diaper. Between the pieces of jellyfish that were washed up on the beach. He ended up sitting in the water, and luckily he managed to miss all the jellyfish pieces. But when I removed him from the water, and proceeded to go up the beach with him, he totally flipped and we had a full blown, crazy tantrum on our hands. It wasn't as bad as it could've been. Unfortunately, water had somehow gotten into the camera's lens and all the pictures were extremely foggy, so our photographer wouldn't have been able to get any photos, even if G had been well-behaved. Tyrant McCrankypants was pretty much a mess all the way home, and James and I decided that pictures, especially by the beach, probably weren't a good idea this time around. It really bums me out, but I also know that there's no way to predict or control a toddler's emotions. Poor guy is probably having just as rough a time dealing with his emotions as I'm having with mine. Pregnancy and toddlerhood are more similar than I'd like to think about right now.

35 weeks: Mermaid is the size of a flowery flounder

I know the flounder looks bearded, but it's not. Look them up online.
Also, yay for the Sesame Street boxers from the last pregnancy!

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