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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

39 Weeks

How far along: 39 weeks
Total weight gain: +22 lbs
Favourite clothes: Any shirt that still covers my belly
Sleeping: I kinda sleep. But my hips can't take much more sleeping on my side
Best Moment: G's outside day--he was so happy
Worst Moment: Waiting and waiting and waiting and expecting
Miss anything: Being able to drink water without getting heartburn
Cravings: I've been eating a lot of ramen, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as a craving
New symptoms: Heartburn. All the time, heartburn.
Looking forward to: Having a baby!! Well, not the labor part necessarily, but the smell of my baby's head and little fingers and tiny toes and squeaky noises
Crafting: I'm honestly so restless and exhausted, all at once that I can't settle to any one thing, whether it be a movie, writing, reading or crafting.

Oh my goodness, the tantrums. We had tantrums in Target, in the grocery store, at home and in the car. Our schedules have been so far from routine this week that it's not surprising, but it's still frustrating.  On Tuesday, G fought for an hour about putting on socks, wanting to choose his own, but then refusing to have them put on, and went through the same thing with shoes. But we had to go to the grocery store for food. Then he refused to eat once we got home. It was exhausting. In fact, he refused to eat a lot this week; at least he's been good about eating breakfast, lunch and snacks (red pepper, grapes and cucumbers) even if he refuses dinner.

The house is really coming along! Beth and Jimmy left Sunday, but they were so helpful and helped me feel much more settled in. Monday the backsplash was installed, Tuesday it was grouted, and Wednesday the window trim was installed, and the cabinet folks finished up, which means our dishwasher doesn't try to fall out when you open it. The backsplash really finishes the kitchen off nicely, and it looks fantastic! I'm so thrilled. Our contractor is still working on getting things done downstairs, but it's coming together. Thursday the picture window in the living room was installed, which really heated up the house. Friday James and I met with the representative from the window company, and they're going to have to replace our sliding door because it's turning pink. No one knows why, but these darn windows have been such a pain! Only two arrived as they were supposed to, and it's just added delays and frustration. On Saturday, he sanded and began staining the stairs so they match the other flooring. It looks great, even though he has a few more coats of polyurethane to add.

We also got a few other things done. My hospital bag is packed, I got to catch up on Skype with a friend for the first time since June and we even found G a Halloween costume. On Monday night, mom took care of G and James and I went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy, the first movie we've seen in theatres since Frozen! I enjoyed it, though the violence seemed extreme; maybe because the comedy/cartoon-y aspects don't seem to warrant it. Wednesday we went back to the OB, and all the nurses were surprised to see me, sure I would have had the baby by then. 2 cm dilated and the last of my doctor's September babies!

Saturday was a long day. Since the stairs were being stained, we tried to get out of the house, so we took G to the pier in the morning. Walking the entire length twice just about killed me off, and we headed home to be exiled outside due to fumes. G had an awesome time running around outside, intermittently helping James with yardwork. James took out two fences that were awkwardly dividing the yard so he can put down sod and add a play area for the kids. G ended up in the pack n play when he was so tired he was stumbling, and the iPad was a Godsend since he watched Thomas (or "choo choo") on it for a while. Finally, the house was a bit less smelly, and as James and mom cleaned up the mess from the stairs being sanded, I put G down, who was so beyond tired that he was not interested in a nap. I was so frustrated and hurt by him screaming for "Daddy" that I started crying too. G stopped yelling, looked at me, and cuddled up right next to me, and we both fell asleep for two hours. He wasn't interested in bed a few hours later, but at least he ate dinner.

It's been a rough week, filled with strong contractions that seem to be moving toward active labour for about 5 or 6 contractions, then disappearing for hours. I think she's going to defy the second child expectations and be late. I'm terrified we'll have to have the induction  on the 29th. It's really not what I want, but my body won't physically be able to handle being pregnant any longer than that. The pain is already constant and exhausting and there is no position or medication that offers any relief at this point. I'm so tired of being in pain, being exhausted beyond belief (yes, even more than when G was a newborn), feeling like I'm burning up while James is practically shivering, starving even though my stomach is full and getting heartburn from water (seriously?!) that I'm more than ready for her to be here. Maybe she's just being considerate and waiting until my dad arrives on the 24th, but I might go crazy if I'm still pregnant then. Dealing with the intense, painful, inconsistent contractions and my own impatience is really making it harder to reign in my temper. So if I'm cranky with you, I apologize and hope you'll forgive me.


39 weeks: Mermaid is the size of an Adelie penuin

She's so low and sticks out so far that I have very few shirts that still cover my belly

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