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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm alive!

Well, yet again I've been gone for a while. As my New Year's resolution, I vowed to make and keep up this blog, and I guess I'm doing about as well as everyone else on that resolution. There's been a lot going on lately:
-I've gotten REALLY into crafting: jewelry, knitting, sewing (as soon as my machine is fixed), knotting, etc and it's been so much fun! In fact, I'm working on a refurbished pair of cowboy boots and I'm wearing a rosette necklace I made the other night (very chic if I do say so myself).
-I'm employed! (FINALLY!) This does cut into my crafting time and puppy time and baking time, but it is so nice to get out of the house and DO something for the day that I really don't mind. I work Mondays-Thursdays and I carpool with James since we only work a few blocks frome each other. I have a wonderfull ocean view from my desk and get to have lunch with James every day. I'm a front desk/administrative assistant/personal assistant at a property management company, and it's been going great so far. It's part time right now, which means that I still have time to do all that other stuff (like sleeping, napping with puppies, watching horrible SyFy movies and creating things).
-My Etsy store is open! Check me out right here. The store is called The Pup's Meow and will feature a lot of different things, but mostly jewelry and other accessories. There are some things here on the blog that aren't up on the site yet. If you want one, just email me or leave me a comment here and I'll get in touch with you! I've already made my first sale, so let's hope for some good business!!
-I am turning into a little fashion maven. Apparently, all you have to do is add an awesome hat to a nice outfit to be fashionable enough to comment on. I wore a cloche hat and loose dress to the Easter Vigil and was told I looked like a 20's movie star, then wore a hat Eastery Sunday that got a lot of comments as well. This past Sunday I wore a skirt from Ireland and added my rosette necklace (which matched the roses and the colours on the skirt) and was told how nice it looked when I walked up to communion. From sweatpants to fashionista, who knew? (I still prefer my sweats though)
-New books (and book reviews are coming out!) I finished Bible of Clay, finally and was thoroughly disappointed by the ending. Honestly, how it even got published, I'm not sure. I also read Haunt Me Still by Jennifer Lee Carrel, which followed her debut novel Interred With Their Bones and was just as good, if not better since it dealt with "The Scottish Play" and witchcraft/paganism. It was pretty neat, and I must say I really enjoyed it and devoured it in less than 2 days. I'd highly recommend both her books. Tomorrow, James Rollins is releasing his second young adult book, Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx and Rick Riordan is releasing his second Kane Chronicles book, called The Throne of Fire. Another two recommendations. I've read both of the first books of these series and was thrilled with them. The Kane Chronicles are very similar to the Percy Jackson series in that the protagonists find out they're demi-gods, but it's written from two perspectives (siblings whose rivalry sometimes spills onto the pages) and instead of Greek or Roman gods, it's Egyptian gods (we all know I have a soft spot for anything Egyptian). Jake Ransom is different: Jake and his sister are trying to rescure their parents, who have disappeared on an archaeological dig. They're fun, fast reads that are really interesting with riveting stories. I can't wait to buy and devour them both tomorrow.
-Cooking is still happening, but not always as exotic. We've made some good dinners with Fresh and Easy's simmer sauces and James and I got filet mignon from Costco and used the leftovers in steak quesadillas and a steak salad yesterday. I also used my old roommate's recipe for lumpia (we even ground our own pork with the kitchenaid food grinder attachment) and that was a success. Yummy. I've also done more baking. I made chocolate cupcakes from scratch with a peanut butter frosting for James; 6 were frosted normally, 6 were stuffed and 6 had peanut butter cookies baked inside. I also made carrot cake pops, which we decorated like easter eggs for Easter. And cheesecake pops, which need to be refrigerated, but are delicious. Risotto has become our standby dish because of it's creamy goodness. I think I'll make pie pops and some adobo next. Tonight I begin my bartending classes that will run for two weeks and turn me into an awesome barkeep that can make any drink in the book (I'm really excited, can you tell?). And to work off this caloric wonderland, James and I joined Coronado's community fitness center for the month. So far I mostly stretch, but I plan on starting strengthening excercises this weekend (I'd like sooner, but between work and bartending classes, I don't have much time in between for anything but changing).
Here's some pictures of crafts and cooking to keep you satisfied til I get my act together again:
Lumpia; we ground the pork ourselves!

Wrapped bangles! Available at my store!

One of five sets of bangles and earrings

Peanut butter frosting-stuffed cupcake

My first friendship bracelet attempt

Easy double chain bracelet; still a favourite of mine

Decoupaged bangle with my GBS tickets!

Broken Ladder pattern

Cheesecake pops!

My own design

Rope necklace

Easter egg cake pops

Chapstick leash (so awesome!)

A favourite pattern of mine

Celtic knot necklace

Thimble necklace

Ric rac rosette necklace