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Monday, September 15, 2014

37 Weeks

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain: +22 lbs
Favourite clothes: Sesame Street boxers
Sleeping: Still terribly
Best Moment: Watching G at the park
Worst Moment: Leaving the park
Miss anything: Not being in pain
Cravings: Appetite is up and down, and I only want starches
New symptoms: THE PAIN (not new, just increased)
Looking forward to: The house being done sometime this century?

We took G to church on Sunday, and I must've had about 3 comments about Baby Girl's arrival being imminent. I'm officially HUGEly pregnant! One guy didn't give me ten days! James and I are still holding out for the house being done, my big sis is hoping for her birthday, my dad is hoping for the 24th (once he arrives), and I just want my hips to stop hurting. We ended up going out to lunch after church, and G loudly announced to the entire restaurant that he had pooped (yay--note my enthusiasm. -_-) After G's nap, we got to video chat with my dad; it was my parent's 29th anniversary!! G is also starting to figure out gently petting the dogs, and I got a beautiful picture of terror and joy (Moose and G)--all G wants to do is rub his head into the dogs like a pillow. He really is doing better, though, and hardly ever grabs their fur/skin anymore.

Monday we took G to the Fairhopers Park (does anyone else think Fairhopers sounds reminiscent of oldtimers? Just me?) and he had an absolute BLAST! It's a new park and has a splash pad, so of course we came prepared with a towel and change of clothes, and he loved running around in the water. He also found a boat to play on when he was done with the splash pad. We had some trouble convincing him to leave, but he'd been there for over an hour and was pretty tired. Plus, with my hip pain, I was just sitting and watching and even that was HOT. I don't think Lower Alabama got the message that fall means lower temperatures.

Tuesday we had another OB appointment, and sure enough, Dr. Shoemaker said that if labour starts, he won't be stopping it. Guess this means I need to actually think about packing a hospital bag, huh? She's healthy and making my stomach move around like crazy; the nurse said she could just watch my belly all day. Seriously, though, G never pushed out like this, it's creepy and awesome all at once. My pain is off the charts, but the only treatment/cure is delivering the baby. So as much as I want her to wait for her health and our sanity (the house, omg), I'm also hoping for labour so I can move again. I swear, if it goes on much longer, I may be in a wheelchair. The doctor said he expects a pretty smooth labour since G "greased the wheels" and he's been spot on about everything else, so I'm totally going to trust him on that.

Wednesday morning, mom and I took some time off to get our nails done! Mom hadn't had her nails done in forever, and we both got pedicures. I don't get my nails done since it never lasts more than a day or two, but it was still so nice to relax, have my nails pretty and crochet for a bit while mom and I talked. We headed to Walmart to look for some kitchen organizational stuff and I ended up having a bit of a meltdown. 3.5 weeks away from her due date, and we have no towels, G's old stuff is in the abyss of the garage along with the infant bath and car seat and probably needs a good wash and I was just feeling completely unprepared. Last time, I told James during labour that we weren't ready because the baseboards hadn't been cleaned and we hadn't organized the bookshelves. This time it's likely to be "our bedroom is under construction!" or "the car seat is still drying!" I know that she won't care, but I'd still like to be a bit more settled and know where things are!

Thursday was BUSY. I went straight to Michael's after dropping G off to get the yarn I needed. When I got back, mom and I went through G's old clothes whose location I actually knew and pulled out what was gender neutral enough for Baby Girl, but most of the stuff was 6 mo+. Our friend Anna came over during G's nap, and helped kick our butt into gear with the kitchen boxes. We ended up unpacking 5 kitchen boxes, which was great! I really can't thank her enough for being willing to spend her time helping us lug boxes upstairs from the garage and helping figure out where stuff will go/what needs to be washed. Friday was more unpacking/washing, but G was pretty fussy. James ended up coming home with 4 boxes of clothes and a pink playmat from one of the women who works in Beckwith's kitchen. It was truly a balm since I had been concerned about the amount of clothes we had. I have NO concern about that now!

I spent most of Saturday sleeping. G woke up at 1:30 am and wouldn't really go back down. I got in bed with him, but he kept tossing and turning. I was so exhausted, I barely noticed him climbing over me and leaving the room. I don't think he was unsupervised for very long, but I didn't wake up until James told me to go sleep in our bed around 7 am (which is when he usually wakes). I was up long enough to sort through the clothes with my mom. We washed the smaller ones and boxed up the larger ones for future use. As it is, I'm not sure all the 3-6 month clothes will fit in the dresser! We're set for the first year; and if she's anything like G, the first two years (yes, he's still wearing 12 months, though shirts need to be 18mo+ for the neckhole). James and mom took G out to run some errands, and I slept through all of that too. I'm grateful for the sleep, but I wish I weren't so exhausted. The pain and the exhaustion are just too much coupled together and I end up feeling useless and frustrated that I can't do more. It's slow going unpacking, especially since there's nothing we can unpack but the kitchen because nothing else is ready. Once the downstairs is taken care of, we can shift some of the boxes and start actually moving in, I hope. At least, the bedrooms should be ready to be unpacked and the guest room/craft room can be set up too. So that's the light at the end of the tunnel right now. That, and Baby Girl's arrival of course. I can't wait to see her little hands and feet and smell her head (seriously, babies' heads smell fantastic!)

37 weeks: Mermaid is the size of a newborn fur seal

Any day now!

I am well aware of how huge I am, especially when my belly runs into things, or prevents me from reaching certain things. 

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