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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

23 Months

Time is a tricky subject. You're counting down the hours to bedtime and praying he falls asleep quicker than the night before, and all of a sudden you realize your kid has figured out how to use a stool to get stuff he wants off the counter and since when has he been able to say that word? Sometimes he's so well-behaved and mature that it's hard to remember that he's not even two yet. Then he throws a tantrum because we washed his dirty shoes or is so upset that he forgets his words and it's easy to see that he is still a little kid. A really little kid.

Tantrums have been getting worse, and I know it's related to all the changes. Since camp ended, everything has been changing. My mom is here to help us move in, prep for Mermaid and take care of G while we adjust to two little dictators people in our lives. We have moved into the house, but it's still not done (over a month overdue now), so besides moving in, we have people in and out and working and loud construction noises. Things are being moved around and unpacked and everyone is stressed out, which I'm sure he's picking up on. So his stress and over-exhaustion are taken out on me, James and my mom in tantrums and physical expressions of frustration because he's so upset that he can't remember the words he's just now learning.

He still talks a lot, and he still loves to read. When he's been fighting naps, but is confined to his room anyways, he often picks up some books and reads out loud to himself, which is adorable to see and listen to through the monitor (Craigslist!)  He knows his bedtime routine and will often request a "baff" and "ny ny" when he's done eating. His eating is so-so. Sometimes he eats a ton, and sometimes it's a fight to get him to eat anything, but we've adopted a new "this is dinner" attitude that avoids the fight. He either eats what we're having, or he sits with us while we eat and then goes on to his bath and bed.

He still loves to be outside, but I'm still reluctant to take him out. Aside from me being exhausted and unable to keep up with him, he gets bitten by bugs every time we go out it seems. He just scratches and scratches and they end up bleeding or infected. Then we have the bandaid: he never wants a bandaid where he actually needs one, but on his toe (impossible) or other arm. Sometimes he doesn't want these on after a minute or so, but he still needs bandaids to at least keep him from scratching the bites as badly as usual. Poor little dude seems to attract mosquitoes as much as I do, even with bug spray on. And of course, he's got the typical little boy energy and takes the tumbles that go along with that. He's not used to how slick the laminate floors are, and has eaten it a few times but he's pretty resilient.

He's obsessed with trucks. It's been going on a while, but it's not waning. He'll go so far as to pull a shirt with a truck on it out of the wash to wear (this is how to start a tantrum). So we bought him more truck shirts and even got him PJs with fire trucks on them. When we're in the car, he yells "truck! vrr vrr!" when we pass any kind of truck, sometimes following up with "whoaaaa" or "woooow" which is utterly adorable. He loves pushing toy trucks and cars around, and we watch the movie Cars all the time lately. He loves his books about cars and planes, and really, anything with an engine is fair game (planes, trains, construction equipment). It's funny since neither James nor I have or have shown a ton of interest in trucks, and we haven't bought him trucks until he showed an interest in them.

Just wait until next month, when I'll be freaking out about him being two years old. He's definitely becoming his own little person and he is so independent and as stubborn as me most of the time. He feels strongly and I don't ever want to discourage that. Even though it goes by both slowly and quickly, I've enjoyed watching my little man grow up and can't wait to see him grow into a big brother!

My sweet little boy would NOT stay on the couch.
At 23 months, he doesn't ever stop moving

His Gaga taught him this (though he'll deny it)

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