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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ainsley Month 4

December 24-January 23

-12 lb, 4 oz, 24.5" long
-loves to coo and talk, all the time
-better at being put down (we're practicing)
-can grab toys and move/shake them
-reaches for things
-distracted nursing sucks
-tummy time is going better
-teething? lots of chewing and drool
-double swaddling has been a life saver: the miracle blanket, then a muslin swaddle blanket over that
-first time leaving her with a non family member on January 20
-wakes up in the morning and stretches as I unswaddle her, then gives me the biggest grin
-knows the sound of my nursing cami unhooking and what it means
-stops smiling when the camera comes out
-loves her paci/schnulli now


4 months 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ainsley Month 3

 November 24-December 23

-10 lb 10 oz on 12/19
-11 lb even on 12/22
-is starting to nurse without a shield (HALLELUJAH!!!!!)
-loves to chew on her fingers, and mommy's too
-can bring her hands together, and to her mouth
-is trying to sit up
-has crazy good head/neck control
-has full gurgling conversations and smiles back at people
-likes to "stand up" (bears weight on her legs)
-rolled belly to back!!

Merry Christmas! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ainsley Month 2

 2 months! 10/24/14-11/2314

-9 lbs, 15 oz, 22.5" long
-Getting a little bit better in the car
-Loves the ring sling!
-Gurgles and big smiles
-Swaddled to sleep; usually midnight to ~9
-Hates being put down; she is a velcro baby!
-Has the longest, curliest eyelashes I've ever seen
-Eczema on her hears, baby acne on her cheeks/temples/chin


Wha' 'choo lookin' at?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ainsley Month 1

Ainsley's first month! 9/24/14-10/23/14

-8 lbs, 9 oz (almost a full pound gained since birth!)
-Loves: having a clean diaper, lying on mommy's chest, nursing, being held like a monkey on daddy's arm, the swing, the ceiling fan, going to "baby world," sticking out her tongue (she looks like a dinosaur from Land Before Time when she does this!)
-Hates: changing clothes, the process of diaper changes, being dirty/wet, pacifiers, the cosleeper/bassinet, car rides, tummy time
-Can: grunt/coo, go through 15 diapers a day hold her head up during tummy time, roll onto her side, smile? (maybe just gas, but it's cute!)
-Eyes: dark blue
-Hair: auburn
-Clothing size: newborn

2 Years (G)

October 14, 2014

I can't believe my boy is two years old! I've been looking back on baby photos of G, and it's so bittersweet. I'm so unbelievable proud of the little boy he's growing up to be, but I miss my little squish so much sometimes. His vocabulary is still steadily improving, and he's so fiercely independent and opinionated. He's so smart, and he's proven to be a very loving brother to his sister.

His birthday this year was a small gathering; mostly family. Both sets of grandparents, his uncle, and a family friend were there. The original plan was to have his birthday at the city park, but on Saturdays, that park is a madhouse, so we ended up going down to the beach by the pier, which was pretty much deserted. It worked out pretty well, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Since this is so late, I don't remember much from the day(s) of, but I love my baby boy so much, and no matter how old he gets, he'll always be my baby <3 <3 <3

2 years old!

Just ignore the bug bite on his chin...

Not quite sure what to make of the candles...

Happy boy at his party!


Love his new truck bedding!