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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 Months

The months go by so fast, and yet are so full! I still can't believe that G's birthday is just around the corner and am not sure where that tiny newborn has gotten to. We had our first experience with G bringing home a bug from daycare. Apparently one child showed up and seemed fine, then started throwing up. By the end of the day, every child but Grayson had gone home sick, and 3 of the teachers had it too. We thought he had somehow escaped getting sick, but after one of the largest dinners he's ever had, we were woken up around 2 am by him throwing up. It was all over him and all over the crib and he was understandably miserable. So we changed the crib and changed him and tried to give him some milk, but he promptly threw that up too. So we just rocked him and soothed him and got him back down again. We thought it had run its course and headed down to Coronado to meet a family friend for the weekend. Unfortunately, he was still sick and couldn't seem to keep milk down, and we ended up getting it on Saturday. Both of us were feeling fine that morning and had gone out to a nice lunch, but by the evening were violently ill. James said he's never been that sick, and let me tell you, when both you and your partner are this sick, taking care of a 9 month old is almost impossible. We could barely move ourselves from the couches and just wished we were home. James felt better by Sunday night, but my nausea hung around for a full week and I ended up having to get an anti-nausea pill in order to keep food down. My mom was a lifesaver and came down to help us with G, which was wonderful. All in all, all the kids in the infant centre got sick, 4 teachers caught it, 2 parents and 1 sibling, who then passed it on to the preschool. Nasty stuff.

We went to my friend's son's first birthday party, which was fun. G got to see a little boy around his own age (he's surrounded by girls!) and got to ride on a pony for the first time. He was more interested in the ribbon he pulled off the pony's mane, but he seemed to enjoy it. Our swim lessons got off whack because of the stomach bug, but we're back to trying to get him into a lesson a week, but because you can only schedule makeups 6 days in advance, and since it's summer, they're usually full by then. Someone has offered us the use of their pool, and since we know the general pattern of the classes, we're thinking when the classes run out, we might just go by their pool weekly for a bit. We're working on getting back into our routine, but I've had some doctor's appointments and PT too. I'm finally trying to do something about my kidney stones and had a CT scan yesterday. We also went to a family reunion, and my parents flew in for a day to come. Unfortunately, we ended up having to leave after dropping my parents off at the airport. I wish we could've gone back, but G was at that sleepy but still fussy state and had been for over an hour. It turns out he had a very high fever (101.9 with tylenol) and the next morning he had one tooth broken through and two other buds visible that hadn't been there before! He's been iffy about food lately, but I can't blame him.

In other BIG news, we got a new car! We knew that we would eventually need a bigger car; between a car seat and the dog's kennel, they take up the entire backseat and our trunks are full of luggage when we travel. There would've been no room for a second baby (eventually). So we'd been looking at third row SUVs since I was pregnant and had been seriously considering the Hyundai Santa Fe or the Highlander. However, we found a used GMC Acadia that was a really good deal and ended up bringing it home yesterday! So now, the Acadia is my car, and James has my old Matrix. He has been wearing me down to that idea for a long time. We ended up with a spectacular deal since the original person we were working with was an a** to us, and we sent a letter to the general manager about our treatment; they ended up being very accommodating in trying to make it right. It's crazy...I feel so tall, but it's a lovely car. It has leather seats, heated seats, second row bucket seats, a third row, a sun roof over the front seat and middle seat, a USB port for my iPod (vital), bluetooth connectivity for my phone and all sorts of gadgets I'm not used to. One of the coolest things is that it has remote start, so when I pick G up from the infant centre, I can start the car and cool it down so it's not so beastly hot when we put him in! It's a very dark blue that looks like black out of the sun, but I can deal with that. It's really exciting! And I ended up getting the finance guy to give us an even better deal than we had originally expected! James says I have "stealth negotiating skills," I say he felt sorry for me since G wouldn't hold still and even bit the ear off his squishy pig lol.

-18 lb, 2 oz and 27 inches tall at his last checkup (7/22)
-gives big, wet, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses! Really, it's more like he's mouthing you, but it's adorable to watch him lean forward tp give you a kiss
-pushed into a crouch on his feet for the first time (7/22)
-started consistently crawling forward, though with one leg bent in
-pulled himself to standing on the baby gate! (7/30)
-consistently pulls to standing on anything he can, including mom
-is obsessed with opening and closing doors (the bathrooms doors, the fridge, the kennel, cabinets)
-started clapping! Especially when music comes on or he is particularly happy
-had his first pony ride's at a friend's son's first birthday party. He was far more interested in the ribbon he pulled out of the pony's mane...
-puts EVERYthing in his mouth
-has 3 new teeth. The two incisor on the bottom are coming through, and the upper left as well
-tried more new foods: bananas, avocados, nectarines, mangoes, watermelon, asparagus, cheddar cheese, rice, potato soup, a bite or two of chicken
-loves his red bell peppers mixed with rice and adores blueberry waffles

Little Moments:
-We fed G a green bean one night and he ate it. We took him for his bath and got him into his pyjamas and I was feeding him his last bottle and noticed he was gagging a little. I sat him up and saw something green in his mouth. It was the green bean, the insides eaten out, still in his mouth an hour later!! He must store food in his cheeks like a chipmunk or something. Then I laughed and that started a chain reaction of giggles :)
-Crawled into the kitchen and dumped the dog's water bowl onto the floor. Then he preceded to flop on his stomach in the puddle and try to swim. He spent 10 minutes playing in the water before he lost interest and I cleaned it up.
-G was super tired, but just wouldn't go down for a nap; he was far more interested in crawling around. He would drag himself onto the dog's bed and flop down like he was going to sleep. He would also crawl into the kennel and do this--too freaking adorable!
-I think what melts my heart the most is when he crawls into my lap and puts his head down on my chest. It's always when he's tired, and he never actually stays there, but it's still too adorable.

My beautiful boy!