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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lazy or Busy, The Excuses Abound

Maybe I'm just lazy. After all, until a month and a half ago, I only worked 2 days a week. Surely, I could have found some time in there to post here. But to be honest, I haven't been feeling it.

I've done some crafts, mostly involving yarn and needles smaller than I've ever worked with. Getting my klutzy hands around those needles and manoeuvring the infinitesimally thin yarn was frustrating at times, but rewarding in the end. Kind of. Projects don't always turn out like you expect, but sometime they're even better! I've been making Martha Stewart's neck scarf like crazy! It's a simple pattern, there's only a few things to note: When she tells you to add stitches, it's best to a kfb (knit front back, see Knit Witch for tutorials!) and the divide is a bit confusing, but it does get explained eventually. I knitted with a thicker yarn and needles than she recommended, and all three of the completed scarves came out pretty well. I've made some adjustments to length, etc to compensate and even things out the way I like them, but the idea in general is pretty awesome and the product is cool. I'm currently working on transferring the pattern to a *much* thinner yarn--hence the aggravatingly small needles. My mom gave me some cashmere yarn she'd like a neckscarf out of. I started on it last night (lazy, I know) and got about 5 rows in before deciding my brain was too tired to deal with measuring and changing patterns as I went right then. So I'll work on it a bit today.

I've also made some watermelon coasters, and got an order for a set too! I bought the wrong size coasters, so I have to go get another set of the right size before making them up. We finished our chalkboard, made from an absolutely hideous picture in an awesome frame from Ross. We painted the glass with a primer and chalkboard paint and it looks pretty cool now. Can't wait to use it. Maybe that's what I'll work on today as well. Other than that, I've got a project queue in the hundreds and half-started projects and imagined projects dancing in my brain at all hours. I just need to find the time and the energy to do it.

This is harder than it sounds. In February, I started a second job at our tax firm. When we went in to get our taxes done, I pretty much got interviewed and asked to come in on Monday. So now I'm working finances for three companies and trying to get them in order after some problems had occurred with a previous employee. It's not easy, and I'm not good with numbers, but I'm managing. It's a long day too, from 9-6. I enjoy having the later start to my day, and James doesn't get off til 6 either, but I end up arriving home exhausted. So it's taken a lot out of my crafting time. Even the weekends have been taken up lately: the past two were spent in Coronado, and next weekend will be too. We've cleaned out our boxes in the garage, dealt with the rest of our stuff in the house, gotten a new TV (yay we can watch dvds!) and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. This is the first weekend we've had time to relax, and it's going to be spent doing errands, finishing James' paper (thank God, we only have to move stuff around and write transitions) and taking my ailing computer to the Genius Bar in about an hour. So, the blog will continue and things will get posted, but at a lesser rate. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I'll feel a bit better. Look for some changes in the next week or two--we've got some pretty exciting stuff up our sleeves comes Easter and I personally can't wait to share with everyone! Pictures and news and some new recipes (chicken and dumplings, anyone?) are on their way!