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Friday, June 21, 2013


Here are my goals for the next few months:

1) To update the monthly blog post within a week of the 14th, complete with photos!

2) One other blog post per month, going back to the roots: recipe, craft project or book review

3) I am currently 10 lb less than my pre-pregnancy weight, but still 10-15 above my goal weight. By October, I'd like to have lost at least 10 of those pounds. This should involve exercising as soon as the PT gives her ok (This means dance one night a week, plus a least two other trips to the gym for at least 30 min on the elliptical, working up to an hour)

4) Choose at least one new recipe per month and make it, taking pictures along the way and posting. Work up to one new recipe a week.

5) Choose at least one craft project per month and FINISH it. (Take progress pictures if possible!)

6) Unpack the boxes in the bedroom and get that bathroom up to scruff by September 1

7) By November 1, unpack and paint the middle bedroom, reorganizing and setting up the crafting area

8) Floss nightly

Supposedly, telling other people your goals can help keep you accountable to them, so hopefully this will help me actually accomplish these things! I'll keep you updated with how these goals are doing. They aren't going to be the easiest things or me right now, but I'm going to try to stick to them. Plus, I LOVE crossing things off a to do list (I even add things after I do them just to cross them off. Example: shower or brush teeth

Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Months

Apparently I'm just as bad as keeping up with this for G as I was when I was pregnant.

G is 7 months! I can't believe how quickly time has gone. He has had his two tests done: an upper barium GI and a lower GI barium enema. The latter was the least fun for us since the poor guy was not too happy about it. The doctor said there was nothing structurally wrong, which is great because it means no surgery. It's kinda tough too because it means we don't know what's going on yet. However, it seems to have gotten a bit better, even if he's still not sleeping through the night again yet. The doctor gave us the go ahead to start solid foods (rice cereal, oatmeal, orange/yellow veggies, green veggies, fruits) and hopefully that will help with his tummy troubles. Either way, I'm really looking forward to starting solid foods with him! He'll have another doctor's appointment in 6 weeks and we'll get the results of the 20 or so stool samples they're testing for everything under the sun.

I'm doing alright. G decided to share his cold with me for Mother's Day, which hasn't been pleasant. My mom came out for a few days, which has been great. It's so helpful to have someone else around, and definitely helps my sanity to have another adult to speak to throughout the day. Plus, I hate cleaning pump parts, so getting a break from that is always nice. Though I'm below my pre-pregnancy weight, my body seems to have morphed into a different shape, so nothing fits correctly. Mom took me shopping for some new clothes that I feel like I can actually go out in (a real bra helps with that too) so I'm feeling a lot better about how I look, even if I don't normally get makeup on my face...or a shower. (Ah, motherhood).

We still have a lot left to do with the house. There are still boxes in the middle bedroom, and that room needs to be painted. Plus, I have to put my clothes up--they're currently sitting folded at the foot of the bed. There's also a few bathroom boxes in our bedroom and I really need to organize the bathroom and the kitchens. But, the big kitchen has a new gas stove!! We found a deal on Craigslist and it's been fantastic! It actually cooks things correctly and quickly and it's so much bigger--our pots and pans actually fit! Plus it has a double oven, so if we host Thanksgiving there (or anything with a baked dessert and a baked entree) it'll be great! I love it! And removing that part of the cabinetry to make room for it left room to put the trash can in the kitchen and makes it look so much nicer!

-Loves being sung "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes," especially when I get to the "nose" part and grab his nose! Then we sing it backward! (toes, knees, shoulders, head)
-Thinks having the blanket float down over his face then whipped up again is hilarious
-Can hold himself up on the coffee table
-Is sitting up with very few topples
-May possibly be teething again (ear tugging and drool again)
-Can take steps when you help him stand up!!!
-Is rolling onto his tummy if he sleeps in his crib (cue the panicked checking on him every 5 minutes--back into the car seat we go)
-LOVES the water! He even got his head all the way under in his first swim class and has started kicking! He also now splashes in his bathtub (I'm sure James is thrilled about this)
-Is really trying to crawl, but would rather "walk"
-Babbles almost all the time. Still mostly "bababa" and "vavava" or "fafafa" with a lot of raspberries blown and "mmmmm" and "aaah" as well. Especially during the hymns at church

Best Moments:
-G falling asleep on me. I know this will eventually come to an end, and probably sooner rather than later, so I'm appreciating every little nap.
-Playing with G on the floor and watching his face light up when he makes his toy make noise
-Playing our "falling" game and hearing him laugh and laugh
-Watching him get this big grin on his face when his Daddy comes home

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