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Saturday, September 20, 2014

38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks
Total weight gain: +20 lbs (yeah, I lost two lbs, go figure)
Favourite clothes: Mom took me shopping and I got this super soft shirt that I don't ever want to change out of
Sleeping: Toss and turn, toss and turn
Best Moment: Finding out I was dilated! I know it's not an imminent sign, but any progress is appreciated after about 6 weeks of her being dropped
Worst Moment: It feels like stress upon stress is piled up right now. And at this point it's a waiting game and it SUCKS
Miss anything: Salami, prosciutto, sushi, margaritas. I've started daydreaming about the things I can eat once she's born (and may have said "screw it" and eaten a salami slice anyways)
Cravings: Food! I am so hungry lately!
New symptoms: Some cramping and other TMI symptoms I won't share. My nausea has returned and headaches!
Looking forward to: Holding my baby!

James was gone all day Sunday since he was preaching in Niceville, FL. We missed him, but had a pretty lazy day with a few errands run. On Monday we had someone come to fix the second garage door (yay) and Anna came over to help unpack the last few kitchen boxes. She has been so helpful, and I wish we had more we could have done, but until the house is done, we can't really unpack much other than the kitchen. G refused to nap, we ran some errands in the afternoon and both G and I had breakdowns. It was a pretty rough day for me, and knowing that hormones and stress are adding to my crabbiness doesn't make it easier to accept it, nor easier to calm down sometimes. James has been hinting for a few weeks that he has a surprise for me, but was waiting for the right time, which he decided was after a bad day. He had gotten me an iPad mini with a TARDIS case! We'd been discussing it (honestly, for educational apps for G) and I've been having fun playing with it and realized how useful it'll be for traveling. With two kids, there's no way I'm lugging a laptop through security as well! So it's been fun to play with that and get it set up. It's come in handy when my phone's died too.

On Wednesday, we had another appointment with the OB, who said he could feel her head (but not tell the hair colour) when he checked me! After weeks of absolutely nothing, I'm effaced and 1 cm dilated! I know it's no indication of impending labour (read this), but after she dropped so early (especially for #2), any progress is heartening. My doctor doesn't expect any issues and would be surprised if I made it to my due date, but we went ahead and scheduled a spot for an induction the day after her due date (my hips just can't handle more than that). I pretty much crashed when we got home; I've been having frequent headaches, and this one seemed to turn into a migraine. Always fun. Mom took care of dinner which was great.

Thursday was pretty low key. I got my hair done for the first time in three months. I was dying to cut it all off, but I know how that goes, so I restrained myself. Instead, we took off a few inches, so it comes right to my shoulders, abandoned the bangs (humidity) and lightened the colour a bit. I like the lighter, more natural red better, and I really think the shorter hair suits me better. I've always wanted long hair, but my lack of patience with styling my hair (even blow drying) and the fineness of my hair really precludes great lengths. 

Friday and Saturday were busy, busy days. James' parents came to help us move in. The house is over a month behind schedule now (as if we needed more stress) and feels like it'll never get done, but we had to be in the downstairs bedroom. We were able to move our bed down there, and mom helped me get my closet set up. We were able to unpack the books and set up the guest room. They're just going to have to work around us being unpacked. G loved having more grandparents around, and Beth took him for walks and to the park. On Saturday, they went down to the park with the splashpad, and he got run into by a much bigger, older girl. The side of his face got pretty scraped up, and it looks like he got in a fight with the pavement. He's pretty much unaffected though. Tough little guy. He has been having a few more and more intense tantrums lately, but stress and exhaustion will wreak havoc on little dudes. He totally freaked when James and Jimmy took the love seat downstairs, and I tried to tell him that we're moving stuff around, but not moving again for a long while. It worked as well as reasoning with the dogs. It's been a long, difficult summer, but I'm hoping by the time fall is over, we'll be settled and doing better.


38 weeks: Mermaid is the size of a Galapagos penguin

Yes, the penguin is saying "Hey! Let me out!" But she seems quite comfy right where she is.

Which is on my bladder.

I can kinda still see my toes. If I lean waaaay over...

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