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Monday, September 8, 2014

36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain: +21 lbs
Favourite clothes: Anything that will still fit over my massively huge belly
Sleeping: Terribly
Best Moment: How well G did for the dentist
Worst Moment: G getting stuck in the slide (see below for full, hilarious story)
Miss anything: Being able to move without pain
Cravings: Munchies all the time
New symptoms: I'm suddenly ravenous all the time, my back and hip pain are out of control (can't move or sleep or walk or sit or anything)
Looking forward to: Meeting Mermaid when she gets here
Crafting: I finished sewing in the ends of the French knots on the cupcake hat. I have two or three more to make and decide on. Better get hooking!

What in the world possessed me when I was signing G up for daycare in March? I thought it would be a great idea to do 3 days a week part time. Part time is fine, but I wish I'd signed up for Mondays and Fridays as well.

I am honestly having trouble with this week. I fell behind on my blog due to the move, and my memory is so frazzled and my brain is so all over the place that I'm having trouble remembering where I left my phone (check the fridge), let alone what happened last week. Please excuse the gaping gaps.

James took G to church on Sunday and let my mom and I sleep in. Mom was feeling sick, and the bronchitis is really hanging on tightly, so we definitely needed the rest. Even though I was awake, I did get to rest a bit, and even finished up the cupcake hat prototype! I'm so excited! I have a few more to make and see how they go, but it was nice to see one finished at least!

The next memorable day was Wednesday. G had his first dentist appointment! Our original move to Alabama in October and all the changes that followed had managed to continuously push this back, but I knew I really had to get my butt in gear. After driving by their office multiple times (right by our house), checking the insurance, having a friend take their child for a broken tooth and seeing a balloon in a car at daycare pickup, I finally called and made the appointment. He was pretty fussy; lately he's had a thing about never wanting to ride in my car. He always goes straight to James' and was pissed off that he had to ride in mine. When we got to the dentist's office, it was like a kids' dream land, especially the spiral slide they have in the waiting area. G immediately bee-lined for the slide, with James following, but changed his mind once they got to the top and came back downstairs. He ran back up following an older boy, and James and I let him go up alone. The slide itself is clear, so we could see him, and he could see us, and we figured he would come back down the stairs, but he decided to try the slide. Well, I should've said something (I was filling out paperwork), because like a premonition coming to pass, I saw him get around one turn of the slide and stop himself short. Then the crying started. I'm not sure if he went too fast, it was too enclosed, or he plastic-burned himself by stopping, but he stayed fast halfway down the slide. Then some idiot girl decided to slide down and slammed right into him. Over and over again. I have no idea where her parents were, but I was about ready to rip some limbs off. I was talking to him, trying to coax him to come down the slide as the girl kept lifting herself up and sliding into his back. Finally, a hygienist went down the slide from the top, trying to stop her and get G, while I climbed up from the bottom, trying to coax him down. As soon as I managed to get my face around the corner and he could see it clearly, he let himself slide down, though the crying continued for a while after. He recovered pretty quickly, and I'm sure everyone was amused to see a gigantically huge pregnant woman trying to climb up a child's slide. Thank goodness they had the foresight to make it clear AND large enough for an adult to get in too. The actual appointment itself went great! They had TVs mounted on the ceiling above the exam chairs, sang to them as they checked their teeth, and had toys scattered around the office for them to play with while parents talked to the doctor. G did SO well, and he didn't bite the hygienist or the dentist. In fact, he didn't even protest the exam until the child next to him freaked out (poor kid). The dentist said his teeth look great, and he probably won't need any orthodontia since they're straight and have enough space between them. He is teething, and his last molars should be fully in by his next appointment in six months. In fact, the biggest freak out came when trying to put him in his car seat to leave the dentist's office, since it was my car instead of James' and he's developed a serious preference for James' car. He also cried when I dropped him off at daycare. All in all, it was a long day, and James and I still had the OB appointment that afternoon. We learned that Baby Girl has already dropped (!) and that's what's been causing so much pain in my hips and back, including the clicking when I turn over in bed. It also explains why it feels nothing like last time; G never dropped, not even when I was in labour. Dr. Shoemaker assured us that this didn't mean that her arrival was imminent, and he would still try to stop labour if it started...until the weekend was over. Hopefully she'll wait until the house is done, but I'm excited to meet her!

Thursday was moving day. If you know me, you probably know how much I loathe moving. It goes beyond simple hatred; I truly can't stand it. I get overwhelmed by the entire process: packing, moving, unpacking. And when I get overwhelmed, I just kinda shut down. This move is out 6th move in 18 months, and we're approaching the 1 year mark of stuff in boxes, which is driving me nuts. However, it's hard to truly settle when the house isn't finished. Everything is still halfway done. The kitchen is the most put together, but even then, the trim for the window needs to be installed and the backsplash put up, as well as a few other little things. As for the rest of the house, well. The upstairs is a lot of little things, but the downstairs is still a bit of a mess. With all the delays I'm really just hoping it'll be wrapped up quickly, but I'm starting to feel like it'll never be done. I don't know if I'll ever want to come near a remodeling job ever again after this.

Friday and Saturday were unremarkable, meaning I honestly don't remember what happened. I assume it was settling in and unpacking.

Basically, this entire post was "G's Adventure at the Dentist!" I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do in retrospect, and don't worry, I won't ever let him forget it (nor will anyone in the dentist's office I'm sure.)

36 weeks: Mermaid is the size of a porcupine pufferfish

She is sooooo low

Note the awesome pufferfish I drew!!
(and ignore all the stuff on the unfinished stairs/bookshelf....)

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