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Saturday, August 9, 2014

32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain: +12.5 lbs (how did this go down?)
Favourite clothes: Sesame Street boxers again!
Sleeping: Still tossing and turning
Best Moment: insert here
Worst Moment: 14 contractions within an hour and fearing early labour
Miss anything: Feeling rested
Cravings: Sushi and a big burger
New symptoms: My Braxton-Hicks contractions are crazy!
Looking forward to: Moving into our house!
Crafting: Hooked on a test hat for our girl and still working on the same projects

Sunday was the middle of the session and the last few days went by quick. G went to praise and worship, and Daddy helped him drum a bit (he's an inconsistent, but enthusiastic drummer) and had fun running around Canteen afterward. They had portobellos for the vegetarians one night, and the kitchen staff were sweethearts and saved one out for me. Absolutely delicious.

Tuesday was the last day of the session and I went by the house hoping to see our contractor and not only the contractor was there, but the tile guy to install the kitchen floor! The tile wasn't quite what we expected; instead of the bricks being normal brick-sized they were much smaller, and the tile wasn't as red as I had expected. But, it was ordered and done and being installed and would look great and I just took a breath and decided there were better things to spend energy on than getting upset about something that would ultimately look fine. Our contractor told me I was very chilled out with this pregnancy. I had to agree; with G I was very likely to fly off the handle and my blood always seemed to boil over the slightest things. This time, I'm much more chill. James attributes it to not having conservative talk radio as a constant background noise at work. There's probably something to that theory. It's been much easier to get a handle on my anger though; maybe it also has something to do with not having much energy to expend and choosing where to use it more wisely (toddler wrangling for example).

The floor, as expected, looks great and we ran around for a good portion of that day and the next picking out light fixtures for the bathroom and over the kitchen sink, talking with the cabinet people about fireplace mantles and media cabinets and discussing changes and window installation with the contractor. Everything seems to be coming together pretty quickly now. Our contractor is hoping to get the windows installed this week, the paint on the lower floor done and start installing some of the floors this weekend. I can't wait. It's only two weeks away now!

Wednesday was James' only day between sessions, so he was working pretty hard to get everything prepped and the 7th and 8th graders arrived on Thursday. More middle schoolers--ugh. Thursday was very difficult. James and I ran errands in the morning, making sure Canteen and the Health Hut were stocked with what they needed, and picking up pizza for the staff for lunch. I didn't get a chance to eat before having to run off and pick up G and on the way I had about 4 contractions in 20 minutes. By the time I got G into his bed for his nap (he falls asleep in the car) I'd had 3 more contractions and the doctor wanted me to come in right then. I got James to come watch him, and he eventually had the housekeeper keep an eye on him while he went to meet parents that were arriving to drop off their kid. All in all, I had about 14 contractions within n hour, and they want to see you if you have more than 4. My only thought as I drove to the doctor's was "Not while we're living at camp. Please, not while we're living at camp!" They found no physical signs of labour, thank God, but did find that I was dehydrated. I was told to force fluids and stay on bed rest the rest of the day, and to continue taking it easy. I continued to have contractions the rest of the day, though they slowed down and got better as I continued to drink a ton of water. James took G for the afternoon and I rested until dinner, continuing to take it easy. My uterus just seems to be training hard for the big day: I felt Braxton-Hicks contractions earlier with this pregnancy (like from 10 weeks), and they've been much stronger and more frequent than with G.

The weekend was pretty easy; James took G more frequently to let me rest. He told me very firmly I need to take care of myself. I think Thursday freaked him out more than he let on. It gave me a chance to rest, catch up on the blog, finish the cupcake hat and get a bit of energy back. This week was the last week of daycare's summer session. Next week, they have a babysitting-like service I signed up for: he'll be with a wider age range, which I think he'll enjoy. After that, there's a week-long break before the fall session starts. I'm a little apprehensive about this. Those four hours a day really give me some sanity and help G get out some energy, but camp will be over, so James will be able to be around more too. Just one more week to get through and summer camp is OVER!

32 weeks: Mermaid is the size of a blue angelfish

Bump ba da bump

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