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Saturday, August 2, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 weeks
Total weight gain: +15 lbs
Favourite clothes: Anything I don't feel enormous in
Sleeping: Not at all
Best Moment: The ultrasound and finding out everything was great. And:
I almost got asked to dance by a middle schooler
Worst Moment: I almost got asked to dance by a middle schooler (I'm really not sure if this is good or bad)
Miss anything: I would love a margarita. I'm missing all the fun summer drinks
Cravings: Chips. Tortilla chips, potato chips, as much as possible!
New symptoms: The braxton-hicks are still happening regularly and strongly, my hips are shifting when I toss and turn and heartburn has made a reappearance again
Looking forward to: Camp being over and actually having my husband back again
Crafting: Casting on her hat this week. I hope it goes well!

Sunday was the formal night at dinner, which includes some dancing at the end. Despite being enormous and so pregnant that I can't bend over to pick something up off the floor or stand up without huffing and puffing, one of the boys was trying to pluck up the courage to ask me to dance. Since I was watching G, I couldn't, but he didn't get the nerve up anyways. All I saw was two boys hovering right by me, and his friend saying "Go on, ask her." Much like the "That's something my mom would do" comment, I'm not sure whether it's just weird, or flattering. I'm going to go with flattering, because at this point I need every little confidence boost I can get, no matter how laughable.

I was reminded again that days off during camp season are not days off. James has meetings and work to do both days, working very, very late on Tuesday to make sure he had Wednesday free for the ultrasound. Tuesday evening, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and two nephews arrived at camp. It was so great to see them! We had dinner at the decent Mexican restaurant we've found, and met one of Liz's friends from her time at camp, who has two boys of her own. Our table was 50% children, and G ended up needing to go run around outside, but it went pretty well considering. It was amazing to see how much my littlest nephew has grown, and my godson/oldest nephew is getting more and more grown up every day.

The ultrasound was great! Despite the fact that my brain can barely complete an intelligible sentence, I've been nervous about how she's doing. Hearing and seeing her heartbeat was so reassuring. She has all her organs, and is still a girl, and best of all is measuring right at the 50th percentile for weight. Sometimes an SUA can cause growth restriction, but she seems to be doing well so far. We'll have another ultrasound in 4 weeks to check up on her again, since the likelihood of growth restriction is higher the farther along you are. They changed the due date to Sept 27 (only one day earlier), but there's a discrepancy of 3 weeks either way when trying to judge the due date at this point. They wanted to check her face for a cleft, and had to jab at her quite a bit since she had found a way to angle herself just right to avoid the u/s wand. Then she had her hand in front of her face when she did turn. Finally we got a look. I didn't even know such detail was possible outside of a 3D/4D u/s. We could see her features! To me, she looked like G, and no cleft lip was visible, which means a cleft palate isn't likely. Of course, as soon as it was over, she started jumping and jiving to the point where James and Beth could see my belly moving from across the room. Baby Girl is weighing in at 3+ lbs, and I've only gained 15 so far (I guess those comments about it all being baby are truthful, and not false flattery). The doctor said the hip shifting I feel at night is normal, even though I didn't have it last time. And he told me to take something to help me sleep. The night before, I'd fallen asleep on G's bed from 8-2am (not good sleep), and then between heartburn and discomfort, couldn't fall asleep until 6:45, waking up at 7:15. So now I can take unisom or benadryl or tylenol pm because (surprise, surprise) not sleeping is not recommended.

We drove our family by the house, and it had already been taped, mudded and sanded. It really is looking great and will be wonderful when it's done. We picked G up early, and all had lunch at Old 27 Grill, which was great. Good burgers, delicious chocolate shakes, and the outdoor area meant G and I had a blast playing and running around together. I enjoyed holding little E since he will probably be mobile the next time I see him. James and I ended up running errands ALL afternoon, so G only got a nap in the car, which is never as good as a normal nap. He was SO tired that night, and with the Christmas in July party that James cooked for/participated in, he didn't get a bath, so we stayed up a bit later than usual. He was still tired at daycare the next day (enough for them to comment on it when I picked him up), but didn't nap well, so he was pretty cranky.

The heat is a big problem for me. When you add the humidity and my pregnancy in, I'm having a very difficult time being outside. I've been close to heat stroke a few times, getting faint and dizzy when we're outside. I also have no energy, but a toddler with an overabundance of it. I feel badly, but I physically cannot handle playing outside between the sapping effect of the humidity and the bugs. I have bites all over my feet, legs, arms and even my face now. It's driving me crazy. The lavender oil blend Liz made for me helps the itching, but before long it's back. We've been inside a lot, and watching too much TV, but even being on the porch or walking to the chapel is too much. Hopefully G won't resent me forever for it. Luckily, he gets a lot of his energy out at daycare, and then naps until about 3, so it's not usually too bad.

The rest of the week was pretty ordinary, 6th and 7th graders at camp. G finally got knocked over by one of them. They don't have any reason to look around their knees for a little person, and it gets crazy when they're getting food/dessert. We generally try to keep him in a chair or away from the crush of kids when they're moving around, but there's so much to see that he gets distracted easily and doesn't want to stay still in a chair. He was perfectly fine, though he was so tired that he cried for a while. Feeding him at dinner or breakfast is hard too because of all the noise and distractions. We've started bringing some dinner home and feeding him again in his high chair, which has been going quite well for the most part. After this session there are only two more left, which is crazy! And next week is G's last week of summer daycare. Summer is wrapping up quickly, and to be honest, I can't wait to get settled in the house, have a dishwasher, get my husband back and get ready to welcome our little girl into our family!

31 weeks: Mermaid is the size of an Atlantic blue tang

Don't judge the pyjama pants!

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