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Saturday, August 2, 2014

21 Months

ChallengesTantrums are a bit better, but still a challenge and potty training is our newest tricky thing to tackle.
Triumphs: Cleaning up before we leave the cabin/bathtime and saying "please" and "thank you"
Words: I've stopped keeping track because he's speaking ALL the time now! He tries pronouncing everything and babbles almost constantly. I LOVE it!
Favourite toys: A stuffed elephant that used to be mine, his tricycle, his rolling Dumbo toy

G has come a long way in a month. It's amazing how fast they change at this age, and how quickly their vocabulary is developing. Almost every word we say, he tried pronouncing and he understands pretty much everything we say. He talks non-stop, sometimes with words we understand, but usually in his own language. The doctor asked at his 18 month appointment about putting two words together. I said no, because they're not real words, but he's talking in full paragraphs and I have a feeling that one day he's just going to come out with a perfect monologue. We point out the things we see out of the window as we drive: trees, clouds, trucks, cars, fields, flowers, etc 

His personality is continuing to develop too. He is most definitely a spirited child, and seems to feel emotions strongly. I'm afraid to say that I think he's inherited my low frustration threshold, and his tantrums are difficult to say the least. He also gets frustrated at bedtime because he's tired but he doesn't want to sleep. Flailing arms and legs make contact with us frequently, but I'm not sure how intentional some of that is. Sometimes it is intentional and it's one of the things we are continuing to work on. 

He has developed an obsession with trucks and cars. He loves seeing them pass us in the other lane and will sometimes say "whoa" or "woooow" when he see s a big truck. When I pick him up from school he screams with delight upon seeing me, then runs towards me yelling "truck, truck, truck!" His onesies and shirts and shorts with trucks on them are his favourite, and anything with cars, tractors, helicopters, planes or motorcycles is fair game. His pull ups with Mater and Lightning McQueen are his favourites and he's beginning to differentiate between a car and a truck. Someone got him a pop-up book with trucks, tractors, etc in them and he loves the book. I have to admit it gets hidden for a week or so at a time to give me a break from incessant re-readings. 

Potty training is hit or miss. He usually goes before his bath, and he lets us know when he's dirty, but we're not anywhere close to buying underwear. I did tell him that he can have some Thomas the train underwear when he's potty trained, but that doesn't seem to be incentive enough ;) We'll see. It would be nice to have him only in night time diapers once baby arrives, but we're moving at his pace and not trying to push anything (read: I have no energy).

He's running and playing and having a blast. He's growing up incredibly, unbelievably fast. He is a snuggle bug at times and gives kisses more readily than ever before. He's a smart, sweet boy who feels fiercely. He knows what he wants and will tell you all about it. He's a bundle of energy wrapped up in dirty clothes. He's a book lover, loves background noise, pasta, peanut butter, bananas and cucumbers. He's a talker and a mama's boy, but wants both Mommy and Daddy nearby. He's my baby boy and I can't imagine my life without him, challenging days and all.

My mischievous munchkin! Look at those ears! 

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