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Sunday, July 6, 2014

25 Weeks

How far along: 25 weeks
Total weight gain: ?
Favourite clothes: Maxi dress (it shrunk in the wash to the right length!)
Sleeping: Horribly
Best Moment: G's antics (see below)
Worst Moment: Finally having to admit that my depression is back
Miss anything: Sleeping
Cravings: I'm hardly ever hungry, and nothing sounds good
New symptoms: More of the same
Looking forward to: I get my hair done Thursday for the first time since January!!
Crafting: Knitting, painting

Sunday James took G and ran errands all morning. It was so nice to have a break! I stayed in my pyjamas and worked on the paintings for mermaid's room and a Father's Day gift all morning. G came home and had some lunch, but went down for his nap pretty easily. James got an AT&T hotspot so we could connect to the internet through that (hence the influx of posts!). Even though James had the day off, he had a lot of work to do to prep for the first session.

Tuesday was fun. I got to visit a friend who had her second baby in May. He was so adorable and tiny, and I got to hold him for about an hour while he slept. It was good to catch up and I was able to bring by the macaroni we made for them, which they enjoyed. (I even brought A1 sauce, but apparently that's an acquired taste). I was a little late picking G up, but it's so nice to be 10 minutes from his daycare instead of 40. 

Meal times are later with the high schoolers this session, so breakfast is a little more lonely for G, and dinner is at last week's bathtime. We've still managed, but neither G nor I are sleeping very well lately. He keeps waking up in the middle of the night, and regardless of his bedtime, he is wide awake and ready to go between 5 and 6. I've spent a lot of nights on his twin bed this week, and Thursday it took 3.5 hours to get him down. In addition, adjusting to a new daycare's schedule has been hard and his nap schedule has been completely wonky. He's been falling asleep during lunch, which means he doesn't sleep in the afternoon, which leads to a very cranky boy. I know he'll adjust, and we've already moved beyond the morning tears, so I'm sure we'll be on schedule soon.

James has been very busy again. Some of the campers and a counselor got sick, so he was working til 2 am that night. But it's been a HUGE help that he's made time to come and help me bathe G some nights. Bathing G and doing dishes is hard since Mermaid's bump is so high it's already getting in the way. Also, if I ever win the lottery, I think I'll make sure every mom has a dishwasher because this has been hell. I spent a solid hour washing our dishes Friday night (really should've worn my back brace because it wrecked my back for the weekend).

I did finally have to admit that my depression is back, which was difficult to do. I've dealt with depression before, but haven't been on medication since we started trying to conceive back in 2011. I was hoping it would just kinda disappear and never come back, but I think with all the stress of this past year it's been creeping back. My OB has put me on Zoloft, so hopefully that will help and I can get some of my motivation and energy back. I can tell you that after I left that message for my OB's nurse I got a call back within 15 minutes! Even talking about it to James was a huge relief and made me feel better, and it helped me realize that it has been a really effing hard year this year. We've been through a lot: in August we'll move for the 6th time in 18 months, we moved cross country to where we know no one, I've been pretty sick on and off since we moved, I have no idea how to meet people and make friends, I'm pregnant, G is adjusting to all the changes too and running me ragged and we haven't been settled since October. It's a lot to deal with, so maybe it's not surprising, though it's something I tried to deny and ignore, which doesn't help. But I'm optimistic for the future, especially once we get truly settled and unpacked in the new house. 

Which is coming along great! There've been a few hangups: the kitchen wall turned out to be load-bearing, the tub/shower surround won't fit with the window, city regulations won't allow certain windows (like the planned garden window in the kitchen), and the kitchen flooring we planned on won't work because there was a flaw in the dye lot and it isn't the right colour. BUT over all, I think things are going great! It will be so nice to have it be the way we want it, and I think the kids are going to love growing up there! I know I'll enjoy being so close to downtown, the library and the park at the pier. 

25 Weeks: Mermaid is the size of a round stingray

G thinks that running his hands over the chalk is a blast

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