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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

20 Months

ChallengesI feel like a broken record but tantrums are so bad and he often resorts to physically hurting me. James can usually stop him, but I've tried what he does and it doesn't work for me.
Triumphs: We only cried for 3 days when I dropped him off at daycare and he's been eating really well lately!
Words: bye bye doggahs, whee!, door, eat (with sign language), beep beep, yah, vrrrr (vroom), boo (blue), bowl, peese (please), ree (read), pee-ah (pizza), yummm/num num, wok (walk), chee (cheese), wawa (water), meow, baba (bubbles), bih (bird), fsh (fish), gaga (grandpa's name), grammy, gramma, beebah (no idea what this meant), beach, oh wow!, sippee cuh, jojo (yoyo), wowee!, up abo (up above, from twinkle twinkle), waye (wave), sowee (sorry), rara (rabbit), tuck (truck), dumtuck (dumptruck), nana (banana), veggie, gen (again), mo mill (more milk), mo (more), rass (grass)
Favourite toys: It's all about the books right now. He's also enjoying the blocks I pulled back out and his rocking horse. His water and sand play table from his uncle is  huge hit too!

What a month! As you can tell from the above list, G's vocabulary has totally exploded! It feels like every day he says something new. To be honest, I've stopped writing everything down because I just can't keep up! He tried pronouncing things when we point them out, and it's adorable. I usually can't stand baby talk, but I guess when it's your own kid it's cute! Still not many two word phrases, but he definitely understand everything we say. He follows most directions, unless he's being stubborn. This includes "sit your bottom down!" in the shopping cart and "lie down/put your head down" at bedtime. He's also cleaning up his toys pretty consistently now, and will yell "clee up, clee up!" as he cleans them up. I try to have him clean up before we leave the house and before bedtime.

I never thought of G as all that active, but I think I was wrong. Holy smokes, guys. I can't keep up with him! He is moving all the time, even in his sleep! If Mermaid is anything like him, we're going to be in for a crazy few years once she starts moving (by all accounts this happens faster with #2!) I've been writing a lot about what G's been up to in my weekly updates, but here are a few little moments I've saved for this post (mostly from the last week):

-I was in the kitchen, cooking some falafels and G wanted to read. So I told him "Bring me Goodnight Goon" (a parody of Goodnight Moon that he loves) and he brought me that book! He's done this with other books too, and is able to understand which book I want and bring it to me to read.
-In Jamaica, G found a rock on the beach and carried it straight out in front of him, chanting "bee-bah! bee-bah!" It was pretty funny, but kinda creepy too, like a ritual or something. We still have no idea what he was trying to say.
-Jamaica: burying G in the sand, watching him watch the birds that flew into the open restaurant, waving bye bye and blowing kisses to everyone, playing on the splash pad, seeing his face when he met cookie monster, giving high fives and fist bumps.
-I've been using Bio Oil after my showers and G saw me get out of the shower and put it on. He walked over to me and started rubbing my leg like he was rubbing in the oil too.
-We were running errands at Sam's and Publix, and he would lean forward in the card, reaching for my belly, saying "Baby!" and "ticka ticka!"
-When we read his ABC board book, he keeps tickling the pictures of the animals and the baby.
-There are songs during which campers and counselors bang on the tables. G LOVES these! He either bangs on the table with them (no rhythm at all) or he runs around the hall, yelling.
-I found him in the middle of the tables one night, taking his shorts off for some unknown reason.
-The beach is always a hit, and we've had more than one experience involving a soaked baby and diaper with no towel in sight. He loves throwing sand into the water and picking up sticks.
-He painted canteen with the campers one day, adding his handprint and artwork to the wall.
-He can't get enough bananas and loves his almond milk.
-He can climb into and out of his stroller, and pushed it over to me one morning to talk.
-We played in the labyrinth for a while, and he followed me on the path until he decided he needed his blankie and then got distracted by a leafy hillock he could slide down.
-He loves to read. He seems to always have a book in his hands, saying "ree! ree!" and wants to reread the same book 4 or 5 times in a row. I think I have most of them memorized by now.
-Three bowls of couscous for lunch, with at least half a bowl ending up in his lap. He feel asleep in the most awkwardly adorable position and slept through me cleaning up his hands and face, changing his diaper and putting him to bed.
-We played in the chapel and he found a broom. He had a blast pushing it around the floor and yelling as loud as he could. We took turns yelling and listening to the echoes.

Just try to get him to sit or stand still for a photo, I dare 'ya!

Down for the count

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