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Monday, April 28, 2014

17 Weeks

How far along: 17 weeks
Total weight gain: ? {Since October, I have had no idea where my scale is, and that's probably better for me, so I only weigh in at the doctor's}
Favourite clothes: Khaki/cargo pant from a consignment store I found last time
Sleeping: Meh.With everything going on, it's hit or miss
Best Moment: Meeting our nephew for the first time!
Worst Moment: Accident at daycare--see below. And moving.
Miss anything: Honestly what I miss the most at this point is energy. I feel so exhausted all the time and keep falling asleep without realizing it during the day, but I have things I need to do!
Cravings: Sushi
New symptoms: My hips have been worse this week. I've been using some essential oils, and they've been helping, but I need to be more diligent about applying them daily, and when I miss a few days, it's not so good
Looking forward to: Next Monday (4/28) we find out the baby's sex!
Crafting: I finished the gnome outfit! Yay! I've been doing some quick crochet projects, but I need to finish those monster pants.

The big day finally arrived! We moved into the house on Wednesday. All the pre-move-in stuff isn't completely done, but the areas we're living in for now are pretty much finished, so in we went. My father in law and brothers in law came out to help us move, which was wonderful! They were a huge help loading and unloading the furniture into and out of the truck, since I'm useless for that right now. I did the best I could and only had 2 or 3 melt downs, which is a total win. We won't count the stress and anxiety that comes after a move yet. 

Thursday was a difficult day. Getting G to daycare takes bout 40 minutes each way, and he hates the car, which makes driving anywhere incredibly trying. We turned around his car seat in an attempt to help, but I'm pretty sure it's the restraint that's the issue and there's not anything I can do about that. He's just so active and hates to be still or be held against his will. They had an egg hunt in the morning, so I brought his basket and his filled eggs, but around lunchtime I got a call from his daycare that he'd been standing right behind his teacher during a diaper change and she'd knocked him over and then tripped and was afraid she'd stepped on him. They called because he did that no breathing scream that sometimes happens and because the teacher was so worried/scared. He is fine, and by the time James went to see if he needed to go see the doctor, he was running around like nothing had happened. Either way, the director gave us her home number in case we did need to bring him into the doctor over the weekend. He's perfectly fine, and he does have a habit of getting right behind your feet when you're doing something. James and I have both tripped over him multiple times, and there was no harm done. The teacher was more freaked out than G was. 

Friday we went to pick up G's new twin bed set! We found someone in CraigsList who was selling a set with the bed, bookshelf/headboard, mattress, side table and high boy dresser for $300. We both knew we wanted a captain's bed with the drawers underneath and this was a great deal considering the new set is over $1,000. They were quite far away, almost in Mississippi, and we weren't sure about it since it was definitely designed for a girl: the knobs on the drawers are flowers (we can replace them), there are feminine cutouts (we can offset with non-flowery bedding) and there are pink flowers drawn on two of the drawers. We thought we might be able to sand them off, but there's a laminate, so that won't work. We decided we would paint the drawers (just the drawers) instead. We figure we can match his wall colour for the side table, and I'll try an ombre for the high boy drawers. He doesn't care, and I think it'll end up looking great when it's done. The people were so nice; they helped James load it all in the trailer, and they even gave us their son's booster seat for the car and a padding that protects your seat. Either way we got an awesome bed set for G at a great price and could now work on transitioning him into a big boy bed.

After we unloaded the trailer, we showered, packed up and headed to Panama City for Easter with James' family. It was so great to see everyone, and especially our 4 month old nephew, who we'd never met. G got his first taste of what having a sibling would be like as I held the baby. We had a bit of jealousy, but with all the distractions it wasn't so bad. James' mom had organized a big egg hunt/party for people on Saturday, but unfortunately, G decided to nap through almost the whole thing, so he missed the Easter Bunny and the egg hunt. We had fun seeing the little kids and catching up with family though. Besides, we made it for the egg hunt at church (check back next week for the full story!) It was a nice weekend seeing people we don't get to see very much, especially watching our older nephew hugging on G almost every chance he got. They were very cute playing together!

17 weeks: Baby 2 is the size of a sea turtle hatchling

Look at that bump!

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