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Friday, April 4, 2014

14 Weeks

How far along: 14 weeks
Total weight gain: -7 lb
Favourite clothes: My love/hate relationship with maternity jeans has begun again. Love the comfort and fit (mom got me new skinny ones!) but I hate that they don't stay up
Sleeping: Not too badly, but I still can't seem to get comfortable
Best Moment: Closing on our very first house together! It's so exciting! And taking G to the park in Fairhope on Saturday was so fun!
Worst Moment: Sunday was a long, tiring day. James worked from 10-7 and I tried to run errands with G, but we were prone to tantrums
Miss anything: A glass of wine after a long day
Cravings:Sushi, satisfied with a grocery store crunchy roll. Candy; lots and lots of candy. Phish Food Ben and Jerry's ice cream
New symptoms: Nothing new, just intensified. I'm sick of dry heaving every morning and the acne is driving me nuts
Looking forward to: Vacation: warm weather, beaches, family and food! Also, no working for James!
Crafting: I'm still crocheting the newborn outfit and I need to finish those monster pants

This was a long week. We closed on our first house on Thursday, which is so exciting! We are really looking forward to making it our own and finally being able to put up pictures and decorate and finally feel at home and settled. Our contractor is working on scraping the popcorn ceilings, painting them, painting the walls and building a baby gate to keep G off the stairs. We chose a pretty green color for the baby'sroom; we'll find out the sex in another month!!

The weekend was what was really exhausting. James was conducting interviews for summer camp positions all weekend. In fact, on Sunday he had interviews from 10 am to 7 pm! Saturday, I took G to see the house; he had a blast running around his room and hiding in the closets. We headed down to the pier, which has a little park and two small beaches as well. G was OK in the stroller for a while but he got out and wanted to go look at the waves hitting the wall. I definitely had to keep a good hold on him, but he loved watching the waves and having them splash up in our faces. He laughed each time. Eventually he wanted to get down, so we went down to the little beach. I had not planned for this, but I had an extra onesie and a blankie to use as a towel. He had so much fun! He got soaked and incredibly sandy, but didn't get in the water too much because it was chilly. I found quite a few pieces of sea glass and G had fun grabbing handfuls of sand and little sticks. We ended up waking up and down the pier, and G was so exhausted by the end that he passed out for an hour as soon as we got in the car.

Sunday was difficult. G slept late, but we had errands to run so we left pretty early for Target. I went for dreft and ended up without about 20 other items of course. G was fussy, but was fine until I grabbed a gift for a birthday we're going to. He wanted to play with the toy, and totally freaked out when he couldn't. I mean full on screaming  tantrum. Nothing I did helped and I couldn't hold him and push the cart so we hung out in the cereal aisle for a while. He calmed down a bit but by that time he was exhausted so we continued to have little tantrums. He finally walked, flopping down on the floor for a tantrum once, and picking up every single thing on the end caps and walking down every aisle picking up everything within reach. While checking out, I had to chase him down about 5 times but we both survived. He fell asleep at his high chair and didn't even wake up when I changed his diaper before putting him down. I was beat; I haven't had that exhausting a trip out since he was an infant. Then we went to the grocery store. It went remarkably well considering that I always have to walk the store about 4 times to find everything and he usually freaks out. We used the cart that looks like it has a little car so he could play with the wheels. It took ages but he was very well behaved, only freaking out when he couldn't reach the toy he dropped by his feet. By the time James got home I was pretty much asleep on my feet. 

It was a pretty good week. We're looking forward to my OB appointment on Monday; it's always reassuring to hear the heartbeat plus we get to schedule the big ultrasound appointment! My friends are also coming to visit this week and I can't wait to see them and catch up and see how much her boy has grown. James has a conference next weekend too so we'll be pretty busy again!

14 Weeks: Baby 2 is the size of a sea urchin

I had to use the self timer, so I'm sorry they're not great photos

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