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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

18 Weeks

How far along: 18 weeks
Total weight gain: 0 lb
Favourite clothes: Are blankets considered clothes?
Sleeping: Not so great, G keeps waking up
Best Moment: Watching G hunt Easter eggs was awesome
Worst Moment: No nap days are always difficult
Miss anything: Nothing in particular
Cravings: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food. All the time!
New symptoms: Still my hips
Looking forward to: The ultrasound!
Crafting: Monster. Pants. They will be the death of me

Easter Sunday was a blast, but a long day. We made it to church in time for the egg hunt, and I had an excuse to dress G up in the suit my parents got him for Christmas. Baby suits are quite possibly the most adorable things ever! He looked so grown up and handsome. He wouldn't leave his tie on, but that's ok. He had a BLAST at the egg hunt; we accidentally started early (they didn't really announce the start very well) and by then there was no stopping him! He kept walking around the flower beds looking under bushes for eggs, even after they'd all been found, and he ended up with quite a large number. We re-hid some and gave others away, because he really doesn't care about the candy, he just liked finding them and opening and closing the eggs themselves. He also loved carrying the basket, which was almost too big for him to hold. It was adorable. It was a no nap day though; he kept getting a second, then third, fourth and fifth wind. We had lunch with the whole family down at the beach, and got to take some family photos, which ended up pretty good considering we have three kids under 5 to wrangle into smiling and holding still and looking at the camera. It was a good Easter, and I got to video chat with my parents a bit too.

Monday we packed up to head home, but had lunch with almost everyone again (James' mom and brother had to go to work). G's nap was cut short, so it pretty much another no nap day (he slept two hours in the car, but those are never good naps). We made pretty good time home, and it was G's first night in the twin bed! I sat outside his door because I was worried about him falling, but within a minute, I heard him clicking his turtle light on and off, which meant he had crawled out of the bed, no problem. When I checked on him before bed, I found him against the door, so that I had to gently push him with the door to get inside. We put down some pillows to protect from a fall the next night and added a step stool to help him back into bed, but I found him asleep on the pillows the second night. He had completely covered himself with his blankie. It was a step in the right direction though. I heard him get up once in the middle of the night, so I think he might've spent quite some time asleep on the pillows, but for the past few nights he's stayed in the bed pretty consistently. I'm surprised at how quickly he's adapted.

G had his well visit on Tuesday. He still hasn't gained much weight, but the doctor isn't worried, so I'm trying not to be. He's in the 3rd percentile for weight, 10th for height and 75th for head circumference!! His development is pretty much spot on, and it seems like every day has new words, from "nye nye" (night night) to "choo choo." It's so much fun to watch him figure things out!

We're still getting settled in and unpacking is slow going. A friend came over and helped me unpack the kitchen in one day. We're storing a lot of it until the remodeling is done, but it's so great to have the stuff we use most and our food unpacked! It's made life a lot easier, that's for sure. It's been a pretty slow week though, which was kind of nice. It was a relaxing change, especially after such a fun, busy weekend.

[I added Baby Girl to the chalkboard this time because I did the chalkboard after the ultrasound. More on that in a separate post, and technically it's not in this week :)  ]

18 Weeks: Baby Girl is the size of a cuttlefish

I'm a cuttlefish, see?


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