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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

18 Months

Challenges: Tantrums continue to plague us, especially while cooking. He's also been grabbing my glasses, hitting and kicking when he's upset.
Triumphs: Feeding himself with a spoon! He's been pottying on his potty seat! (see below) Brushing his own teeth!
Words: "Aww duh" (all done), "baw" (ball), "joosh" (juice), "shuzz" (shoes), "guh guh guh" (go go go), "doggy". Daycare says he knows "duck" and "pig" as well, "ticka ticka ticka!" (tickle tickle tickle), "pat, pat, pat" and pats his lap along with Little Einsteins, then raises his arms up in the air , "nummy" (yummy?)
Favourite toys: He's enjoying playing with his fake food, especially putting it in and taking it out of the shopping cart he has. He's been obsessed with books lately; sitting down is fair game for having a book brought to you. Toy slide--he can do it himself!

3/23: G was wet, so I asked if he wanted a diaper change. He headed down the hall as usual, but instead of finding him at his bedroom door, I found him leaning against the bathroom door. I figured it couldn't hurt to put him on the potty seat. He ended up peeing! He's gone potty a few times on the seat now. We aren't skipping any diapers, and we're definitely not "training" yet, but positive reinforcement isn't going to hurt. He claps for himself when he's done. Its kinda adorable.

We had gumbo one night this month, and G ate two bowls full, consistently and (pretty) accurately using his spoon for the first time! He's been on and off with the spoon since then, but he's doing way better with it than he used to! We're still working on drinking out of cups. That's been a challenge for sure.

Ms. Carol told me that he ran after a chick they had for picture day, yelling "duck! duck! duck!" I had no idea he could say "duck" and she told me he can also say "pig," make animal noises, wiggle his fingers and count to two, do Head and Shoulders, and the hand motions for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He's one of only two kids who can communicate with words, and one of two active participants in their circle time. She said if she could have a class full of kids like him, she'd have no problems.

He's started patting his lap with Little Einsteins and lifting his hands into the air when they say "Blast off!" He also loves to dance when there's music on the TV. He could care less about the shows or the dialogue, but it's adorable to watch him dance to music. He kinda bounces up and down, and does big claps, throwing his arms wide and then clapping.

James brushes G's teeth after his bath, but a week or so ago, he grabbed the toothbrush himself and started brushing his own teeth! How is he growing up so quickly?? In other growing up news, he points at his arms when we say arm/s, and we can now say "clean up!" and help him clean up his toys. He'll still fuss when we then take him away from the toys, but it's a step in the right direction.

Our other big news is that we are getting G a twin bed! We don't want to switch him out of the crib right before the baby arrives, so we figure we should start early with getting him used to his big boy bed. We'll probably start with the mattress on the floor to minimize any falling/can't get back in bed after getting out, but we think we've found a bedroom set on Craigslist that will work. It's so exciting!

Update: 4/22: G is 31" tall (10th percentile), 21 lb 10 oz (3rd percentile) and has a giant head in the 75th percentile :)

He loves the beach!

He's hard to catch nowadays

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