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Thursday, April 24, 2014

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks
Total weight gain: ?
Favourite clothes: New maternity jeans from mom
Sleeping: Pretty good. Pulled out one of my old maternity pillows and it's seemed to help
Best Moment: Designing the kitchen was a blast!
Worst Moment: I basically did a 20 minute squat to rinse hair dye out of my hair. I thought I was going to die.
Miss anything: Wine.
Cravings: Phish food. I can't keep it in the house because I eat it too quickly.
New symptoms: Baby is definitely moving around
Looking forward to: Easter with James' family
Crafting: Finishing up the gnome outfit, then I plan to finish the monster pants and I found a crocheted teething ring I want to try to make.

We went to a first birthday party last Monday that was really fun. The birthday boy was a friend's son and it was great to see them. G enjoyed the different selection of toys, though there was too much going on for him to eat much. He especially loved chasing the cat, who ended up taking refuge in the garage (poor kitty). It was fun to see a cake smash; I think that's my absolute favourite part of first birthdays, and good to meet some more people/parents in the area.

James has bee so busy at work with summer camp prep. Camp is going to be a crazy time and there will be a lot of changes around then too. We'll move to camp for the summer since James will have late nights, and G is switching daycares then too. He won't go every day, and he'll only be there from 9-1, so it'll take some adjusting for us both. I think it'll be good, and G will enjoy "participating" in camp in the afternoons, I'm sure.

On Friday we went to Pensacola with a trailer to pick up the flooring we got for the house. Even though it won't be installed until summer, they were having a sale, so we went ahead and got it. We also stopped by a cabinet place and ended up designing the entire kitchen. It was so fun, and good to get some numbers to work with. There's a lot to think about, but looking at the projected end result is exciting; I can't wait to have a nice, open style kitchen! We still have to think about downstairs, but there's been a huge difference just by removing the popcorn ceilings and getting paint on the walls. We're planning on moving in Wednesday, when James' dad, brother and brother-in-law are coming to help us move furniture. We haven't really packed much, though James did use G's nap on Saturday to pack up the books and some other things. The kitchen is the biggest thing to pack, and we need to divide what we want to keep out and what can stay packed until after the remodel (wine glasses, blender, stand mixer, etc). 

We can't wait to move in and hang paintings and start really feeling at home. I can't wait for us to all start feeling healthier, because I'm convinced the mold has been the cause of our congestion and coughing and feeling icky all over. It'll be so good to be less isolated and I'm really looking forward to being able to walk downtown or go down to the pier to crochet (with plenty of bug spray of course!) 

In other news: The baby has been moving around. I can't feel her/him that much (only 2 weeks til we find out!) but s/he feels like a goldfish swimming around, though there was that one night that I definitely felt some jabs. G has been doing so well! It seem like every day he learns new words and he's very talkative. Hes been loving the tofu nuggets and the toy slide we pulled out again. He's also been consistently going potty, so I have hope for potty training, maybe before sibling arrives!

16 Weeks: Baby 2 is the size of an emperor penguin egg

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