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Friday, March 28, 2014


We're so excited to tell you all that we closed on a house yesterday!

With the keys!
We are so grateful to St Peter's in Bon Secour for offering us their rectory to live in, but we really needed to find a space that was closer to James' work and G's new daycare. The house is in the exact are we were looking for, only .5 miles from Fairhope's downtown district and even closer to the elementary school. The school ratings are fantastic and I'm really looking forward to having sidewalks to walk around on, and living closer to amenities.

There is work to be done: we're having the ceiling scraped and painted, the walls painted and a babygate/bookshelf built and installed before we move in (the bookshelf is necessary to support the babygate; currently there are only metal railings on the sides of the stairs). Then we move to camp for the summer, we'll be doing some serious renovation on the kitchen and downstairs, which will become a master suite. It will be a beautiful home for our family, and though I know it'll take a while, I can't wait to be all settled in and finally unpack those last few boxes.

We'll probably be moving in mid-April, whenever the initial work is done. Then we'll move to camp, put G in a big boy bed, move to the house and bring home a new baby! There are so many big, scary and exciting changes going on this year!

We have a mortgage this being all grown up?

Here's the front of the house; the garage is on the right

Here's the entryway; the bookshelf will go along the side on the left, and attach to the babygate

OMG the wallpaper! The cabinets and counters are very low

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