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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crafting Update

It's been a while since I did a crafting update, so here are some of the things I've been working on:

-Monster Pants: These have been a true challenge. My motivation comes in spurts with long periods of inactivity between. The motivation just isn't there to finish them because they've been taking so long and because I really hate weaving in ends. I've finally finished the knitting part, and I think they'll still fit G, but I have the duplicate stitches and the i-cord to finish still. I can do this! [I hate weaving in ends from stripes and I absolutely loathe knitting ribbing because my purls are always too loose and makes the ribbing look bad]

-Crochet Turban-Inspired Earwarmer: I made one of these earlier this year and ended up giving it to my sister in law. My stitches are always so tight, but this time I really focused on keeping them loose, and I think I went the opposite direction: the headband ended up a bit too loose. I might remake another, but I've had a few other projects I want to finish

-Newborn Bunny Set: I crocheted a bunny set for a baby due around Easter. It was surprise because I wasn't sure I could get it done, but I spent a full day crocheting and finished it all, even getting it in the mail before baby arrived! I made my own hat pattern up, and used a diaper cover pattern. I made the pom pom tail removable so the diaper cover would be useful past the photos

-Newborn Gnome Set: I saw this on Ravelry, and it is too adorable! I wanted to crochet it, so I used my candy cane cocoon pattern, and made a belt (I'm proud of the buckle) and then used other patterns for the hat and beard, which is removable.

I was waiting to make our peapod's outfit til we found out the sex. James really likes the cupcake hat, so I'll try my hand at that, but I might also make a giraffe outfit, we'll see. I didn't want to do a pumpkin again, even though she's a fall baby too. I'm making myself finish the monster pants before I start on this though.

-Quick Crochets: I've done a few quick crochet projects to try to get my motivation back and start using up the stash yarn I have. I made a face scrubbie (and have plans to make more) and a potholder that I'm relatively happy with. The pattern was for just one side, but I wanted to add a pocket, and it didn't turn out quite as well as I was hoping, but it works, especially since we didn't know where our potholders had gone in the move.

-Maternity Calendar Shirt: Another one! I messed up the first one, and I will be using it in the first few photos, but my mom is sending another, and I'm hoping it turns out much better (less paint, more daubing, gentler). We'll see. So far, time has been spent on other things.

-Stockinette Scarf: I was actually hired by James' cousin to make him a scarf to replace one he'd lost. I can't wait! The yarn from knitpicks has arrived and my needles are ready and waiting to cast on! It'll be a long one, and probably in stockinette. Practice purling, I guess.

-Wave Blanket: I also ordered four different blues for a wave blanket (chevron) that was originally going to be for G's room, but might end up being for the whole family. That'll be crochet, but it's on the bottom of the list for right now. I might bring it on vacation if I'm close to finishing other projects so that I only bring one project with me on the plane.

-G's drawers: The beautiful bedroom set we bought for G has flowers on the top drawer of the dresser and the nightstand drawer. So we're going to be painting the drawers: the dresser will be painted ombre, and the nightstand will be either the lightest or one of the medium colours.

-Paintings for Baby Girl's Room: I'll be doing similar paintings to the ones I did for G's room, but with land animals. I have the canvases, paint and brushes, so I'll be getting started on them soon!

-Doctor Who Quiet Book: Saw this online and loved it! I've been wanting to make a quiet book for G anyways, and I'm really loving Doctor Who lately, so this is perfect. I have the felt and I'm (again) using the pictures for inspiration for it. I hope it turns out well, but this is at the bottom of my craft priority list.

There are other things I want to work on, but my craft supplies haven't been unpacked yet. Eventually we'll be all settled and it'll be easier. Hopefully the quicker crochet projects will help my motivation to finish those adorable monster pants. He'll probably be able to wear them once or twice before he outgrows them, but maybe I'll make other pairs. Without stripes.

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