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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12 Weeks

How far along: 12 weeks
Total weight gain: -10 lb
Favourite clothes: Yoga pants. Don't hate.
Sleeping: Horribly. I'm getting up to pee like 8 times a night.
Best moment: Having friends over for dinner/playdate and very successful stew and homemade bread. Seeing a turtle crossing the road on my way to daycare.
Worst moment: The car ride from Panama City. G was pissed the entire time, and traffic wasn't great.
Miss anything: I really, really want everything I can't have. Especially raw sushi, beef carpaccio and steak tartare
Cravings: Subconscious ones that I didn't recognize as such until I ate it: falafels, sweet potatoes
New symptoms: Pretty much all the standard pregnancy symptoms with a good dose of hip pain thrown in
Looking forward to: The doctor said we can find out the sex in a couple months! Wheee!!! Names!
Crafting: Still working on G's monster pants, a few other crochet projects
Baby projects: Doctor Who onesie, shark socks (? need to buy pattern), crocheted set once we find out the sex

I missed last week! Sorry! Still waiting for a shirt to arrive so I can get the maternity calendar shirt done for this time around!

The past two weeks have been fun! I still haven't felt very pregnant yet, but I am starting to show already, much earlier than last time. I'm feeling pretty good, though my nausea is still there. However, without the added stress of a new job with a verbally abusive boss like last time, I am feeling much better and have been having fun cooking! I realize that the fatigue I indulged in last time was a true luxury; this time around there's still G and stuff to get done during the day so I can give him my attention when I pick him up. James has been great about getting him in the morning, but I still have to be up to do shoes, jacket and drop off.

We went to Panama City for my brother in law's birthday last weekend and had a lot of fun! It was great to see James' family and we enjoyed being out on the boat two days in a row! G had a blast at the beach the second day, though he was ticked off he couldn't get in the water (it was too cold! Brr!!) He wasn't too thrilled with his lifejacket or the boat, and managed to give himself a little goose egg when he pulled away and didn't quite have his sea legs yet. We had a nice time, and even got to go out for a dinner on our own. We also had a delicious lunch the day we left; my falafel wrap was fantastic!

I saw a PT for my hip pain, and we tried acupuncture. It was an interested experience, but so far hasn't been very effective for the pain, though it is moving around (can feel it in the back of one hip now). I also saw an ENT and it turns out my ear drum burst at some point and is still healing up. He said the culprit was probably allergies, but there's not much to do until I'm not pregnant anymore. Personally, I think it's the mold, but we're working on that.

Other than that, it's all been good and we're looking forward to a lot of changes this year! In chronological order: we're moving G to a big boy bed, probably just a twin mattress on the ground, we're moving to camp for the summer, taking G on his first international trip to take a vacation in Jamaica and then by the time we move back home, the new sibling will only be a few weeks away! I'm just so looking forward to everything that's coming up in the future!!

A HUGE thank you goes out to my friend Rebecca, who is helping me figure out fetus size comparisons to marine animals instead of the typical fruit ones. I knew I wanted to do something different this time, and this is way more fun for me! I can't wait to share more of them!

Please note the baby handprints around the word "Baby"

Showing a lot earlier, just looking chubby

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