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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

13 Weeks

How far along: 13 weeks
Total weight gain: ?
Favourite clothes: My sweatpants. It's been a comfy week
Sleeping: Not too badly
Best Moment: Irish dance
Worst Moment: Tuesday at PT was a really difficult, exhausting day
Miss anything: Sushi
Cravings: BLT. On a croissant. The only thing that could've been better is adding avocado
New symptoms: The acne from last time is back, headaches
Looking forward to: Seeing the doctor next Monday

Crafting: Gnome newborn outfit, monster pants

Monday was St Patrick's Day, but like the weekends and any days James has off, the weather seemed to be conspiring against us with a gray, gloomy day. We picked G up from school early to take him to the passport application (both parents must be present to get a minor's passport). The woman at the post office had no idea how to use a camera and kept taking pictures of the floor, we ended up with a picture that made him look drunk and were charged $15 for it. But the application is in. We also took him for his first haircut! Yes, the curls are gone, but his hair was getting out of control and it looks so much better now that it's shorter. He did very well--no screaming and no fussing til the very end. 

We've been fighting with Verizon and after spending two nights in a row on the phone with them for 3 hours (pretty much all of our adult life per night) we were just done. It has become more hassle than it's worth. So James ordered some unlocked phones and we're switching onto AT&T as soon as they arrive. The phones have been working well so far, and I'm pretty happy with them. They're really fast and the battery lasts a long time.

Tuesday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Basically the physical therapy and acupuncture haven't helped my hip pain at all and may have been aggravating it. It's not the normal pregnancy hip pain, and it's stumping the PT, who said he's never met someone for whom acupuncture has had no effect. I can't sit on the floor with G, I am almost constantly uncomfortable (if not in actual pain) and I've been told to not exercise since moving probably aggravates the joints. The pain has been problematic for close to 2 years, and though it diminished after G was born, it didn't go away. Some days it's so bad I can barely walk. I'm frustrated with how I look and feel, but I can't do anything about it because of my hips. The current theory is that I'm too flexible: my hip flexors/soas are tight, but the hip capsules are stretched out, letting my hips slide out of alignment and I don't have the muscles to hold them in place. But I can't exercise to strengthen the muscles. Nice catch 22, huh? It was just too much that day with added billing issues (yay insurance), and I ended up crying most of the morning. It was an exhausting draining morning. But the world goes on and I try to keep upbeat. Lots of people have given me suggestions so I'm looking into those as well. 

Crafting, on the other hand, has been going great! I finished a newborn set I was making for a friend and even though the hat was my own pattern, it turned out pretty cute! I'm excited to send it off to them! (I'll post pictures later--it is a surprise!) I'm working on another newborn set and when that's done, I'll finish the monster pants. The more crocheting. I'm having a blast with these newborn sets! They're fun and cute and quick!

On Saturday, James took G to camp in the morning so I could go to an Irish dance class I found in Mobile. I had so much fun, and my hips haven't been reacting too badly. I haven't been so sore since my first Irish dance class ever, but it was totally worth it for my emotional and mental health. It was so good to exercise, and especially to dance again. If only I could find my dance bag with my real shoes in it; for now I'm wearing ballet flats and dance sneakers. We ended the night with a nice dinner with good friends, G staying up way past his bedtime (but doing pretty well). Unfortunately, he fell into a hole on the porch, but he seems to be no worse for wear. He just loves to explore and get into everything and everywhere, which results in some bumps and bruises sometimes. He still had a great time and it was a wonderful end to an emotionally hectic week.

13 weeks: Baby2 is the size of a Mandarin Fish
(Please note the amazing drawing...I have no artistic skill, so it's amazing)

Oh hello, baby bump. You're about four weeks early...go back.
Cuddles with a fork

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