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Monday, August 6, 2012

27 Weeks

(Still catching up...week 30 starts 8/7)

Yay for starting my 7th month today! I still can't believe how quickly time has gone by. I feel like we just found out yesterday!

The nursery is coming together so nicely! We picked up a dresser/changing table combination that included a hutch from someone on Craigslist this week. The best part was that when we couldn't fit the pieces into James Prius (even separately), the man offered to drive it to our apartment in his Yukon and helped carry it up the stairs (there was no way I could have done that). It looks great in there, and the iPod speakers Lynn gave us has the perfect spot. It will continue to be useful as he gets older--the hutch has shelves for books, etc. So the crib is up (and full of stuff), we have the dresser/changing table and our glider is awaiting a new cover (mom found some gorgeous fabric, so that should happen soon). We got a smaller table to put my sewing machine on in the closet, and James installed two shelves above it. The shelves all have little boxes on them that are waiting to be filled with my craft supplies. It's going to look great when we're done and it feels good to be productive. We also found an adorable rug with the numbers 1-10, illustrated with sea creatures, so it fits perfectly. I really hope this kid likes the ocean for a long time :) I'll share pictures when it's done since it's still pretty messy right now.

This weekend was great: Saturday I went over and helped Laura with her invitations, which are absolutely gorgeous. Even though I won't be standing up with her, she still considers me a bridesmaid, which made me really happy. Here's crossing my fingers that we'll still be there, and Wallaby decides to be fashionably late instead of early. When we were almost done in the afternoon, I decided I should probably help James with the nursery. He'd cleaned it all up and made it possible for me to actually reach my yarn, but this is when the organization really started. We also went through two bags of clothes that had been offered to us, pulling out what would work, and storing the pieces we won't need immediately (anything below 6 months will go into the dresser, everything else is in a box right now).

Sunday was a good day, but exhausting. We went to church in the morning, and we both really enjoy St. Andrew's in Fullerton. We spent the rest of the afternoon test driving cars. We drove the Hyundai Veracruz, the GMC Acadia and the Kia Sorento. Here's my take:
1) Hyundai Veracruz. I really liked this car. It was very responsive, with a tight turning radius, good brakes and decent mileage. Because it's a 6 cylinder on a car chassis, it drove smoothly and was nice and quiet. The interior was set up in a way I really liked, and the third row had plenty of room. The only drawback: because it's considered a more "luxury" car than the Santa Fe, they don't offer any decent colours. The dark blue is so dark it's almost black, and the light blue is nice, but too pastel for me. Plus, the light colour only comes with the black interior--yuck. (And yes, this makes a big difference. If you're planning on keeping a car, you'd better like the way it looks)
2) The GMC Acadia was completely different. The third row is ridiculously spacious; even my father would be comfortable there. It didn't drive as nicely, either. I describe it as being loose, but I guess the proper term is responsive. It was especially noticeable in the brakes, which made me uncomfortable. Plus, it was just so big that it ended up being unwieldy. On top of that, the interior wasn't set up in a way that made sense to me. I don't think I could get used to that much car.
3) The Kia was an experience, and not a good one. The car itself wasn't that bad. It was a 4 cylinder, so it got better mileage, but it was a lot louder, especially when trying to get up to speed on the freeway. However, when driving on the clover leaf onramp, it felt like it was going to tip over. Not a great feeling. It just didn't feel as dependable and solid as the Hyundai. The dealership itself is what really made me cross it off though. After telling us how much they wanted my car (which we'd trade in), they offered me a full $2,000 less than the other dealerships. I know what my car is worth, and I've taken really good care of it--it's low mileage, never missed an oil change and been given a lot of tlc. It was insulting, especially after saying how easily they could sell it. They made up some bull about not having as much cash to move around as the other dealerships, which was also bull. Plus, they really tried to get us to walk out with it, even though we went into it saying we weren't looking to buy for at least a couple of months, at the earliest. It was incredibly uncomfortable. They stopped when I was firm that we weren't buying a car (eventually), but it was terrible, especially when they gave us a ridiculously high interest rate despite our excellent credit. Yeah, even if I wanted the Kia that much, I wouldn't go to that dealership. And again, the colours are so dark! Why get a red car when it's so dark it looks like a brown-black?
So that was kind of exhausting, and made me a bit grouchy too. But satisfying my craving of chili cheese fries from Wienerschnitzel made it better :) James and I had a good dinner, and I spent the rest of the day decompressing from that. At least now we have an idea of what cars we like and what to look at when we're seriously ready to buy. Luckily, there's no rush to get something bigger, though we'll need it eventually and for the future. Plus, Hyundai is pulling the Veracruz and replacing it with a 4 cylinder, 7 passenger Santa Fe that comes out in March. We'll probably wait and see what that one is like too before making a final decision.

Monday was nice too. I had an earlier than normal morning, with a chiropractor's appointment followed by lunch with a friend of mine from middle school. It was so nice to see her again and catch up. I'd seen her last about a week before the wedding, but she was in LA for school and said she would be around for another month. We met up in Torrance, and had a great lunch, but it was great to hear how she'd been doing and catch up on her life. In the evening, we cleaned up the house. It looks fantastic now. So much less cluttered. Hopefully it will stay like this for a while, but I doubt it. :) Then we got to have dinner with Laura and Chris, which was nice. Mashed potatoes and filets we picked up from Costco. It was a nice little treat, and I always enjoy chatting with them. It was a nice, relaxing, low-key evening, and nice to catch up with Chris, since we hadn't expected to see him until the wedding. It was a great way to end a really fun weekend and a good way to start the workweek. Plus, we ended up with extra steak to throw into a salad for tonight!

On the symptom front: I'm now terrified to stretch out my legs in the morning. Stretching my legs with pointed feet seems to be what triggers the leg cramps. It's like a giant knot right below the back of my knee. They're not as bad as the first few were, and as long as I remember not to stretch in that semi-lucid morning state, I'm ok.  My back is getting worse however. After going to the chiropractor on Friday and Monday, I've decided that it will behave for the first hour after the appointment, then degrade into pain after that. It's gotten to the point where I can't walk this morning without pain. I know this is all normal, but I really wish I was one of those women who could still be running marathons, etc. At this point I can't even walk and life doesn't stop for things like back pain. Sunday I finally realized that I can't pretend my rings still fit, so we brought them in to get them resized. Everyone told me to just wait, but there are a few reasons I didn't: 1) We bought a plan on the ring that allows for unlimited resizings, so it doesn't cost us anything; 2) I really want to wear my wedding ring; and 3) whenever I get my fingers sized, they try to give me a size that is smaller than I actually need. This time I went in with a ring that fits comfortably and told them to size it to that. My knuckles are thicker than the base of my finger, so the ring isn't going to fall off, and they base the sizing on the base, so I have trouble getting the ring onto and off of my fingers anyways. I'll probably keep the larger size, even after the pregnancy. It'll take a few weeks due to the engraving and the fact that they have to order metal to resize it. By August 1, I should have my pretty rings back (and they'll be clean and shiny!) And my belly button is officially an outie now...

And now for the weekly update!
How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight gain: +15 or so
Favourite clothes: I've switched from preferring full panel pants to preferring the ones that sit under the bump. I might need to go get a different pair of jeans since it's so hot.
Sleeping: Still interrupted by getting up, switching sides, etc. If I get a nap during the day, I tend to be ok though
Best moment: Getting the nursery ready and seeing friends this weekend
Worst moment: Neither James nor I have ever enjoyed going out and drinking or anything like that--and we don't really know many other young or expecting parents in the area, so I feel like we don't have much of a social life. Lack of social interaction has been a bit rough.
Miss anything: Exercising--I just want to go to dance and the gym again! Because of my back I can't walk and now I'm not allowed to even sit the way I like.
Cravings: Chili cheese fries, chocolate, deep-fried pb&J (why did you send me that article on fair food, mom?!)
New symptoms: The fingers are just swelling more and the heat doesn't help. 
Looking forward to:  Our first birth class is August 2! Yay!!
Pregnancy brain moments: I keep messing up words and forgetting things that I should really know.
Listening to: "Raven in the Storm" by John Gorka and "Bell Ringing in an Empty Sky" by Kieran Kane
Crafting: Teaching myself crochet so I can make a pumpkin hat!
Baby projects: I'm still working on finishing that painting, and the usual of course

27 Weeks: Mommy officially has an "outie" belly button
(The drawing is a torso with an outie belly button)

27 Week Belly


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