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Monday, August 27, 2012

31 Weeks

Wallaby is the size of a pineapple! A pineapple, people! That is amazing. I have recently discovered a new love of pineapple. If there's one thing pregnancy has made me realize, it's how much I love fruit and that I should really keep more of it around for snacks. Nectarines, granny smith apples (with gouda yum), pomegranates, avocados, pineapple; it's all so good!

This week started with the same pain as last week. It feels like a side stitch, except it's just to the right and slightly above my belly button. Just like last week, it was tender to the touch. I tried ice (suggested by the childbirth class instructor), but putting the ice pack on that tender spot hurt so badly, and even when I got it on, it only gave me slight relief. Lying on my right side seemed to help, and eating seemed to make it worse. By Wednesday it was better; it was a constant pain, but it wasn't as tender anymore. However, I gave in and called the OB. They wanted me to come in immediately. He didn't seem to worried, and didn't think it was anything that needed immediate or surgical help, but he ordered blood tests just to be safe. When I told him it seemed to get worse after eating, he ordered an ultrasound to rule out gallstones. If the ultrasound comes back negative (and I hope it does), he said it's most likely one of the fun mystery pregnancy pains and nothing to worry about. If it comes back positive, I'll be a "rock" star (get it? Cuz of the kidney stones!) Ok that was a bad pun, but James' was worse: he said I'd be a "stone"r. *Groan*. Either way, I hope it doesn't get quite so bad again since I couldn't even stand up straight from the pain. So until next week, I'm trying to avoid fatty foods (avocados!) and hoping the pain goes away like last week.

My sleep schedule had been totally whacked out; I spent about 80% of the night staring into space, 10% getting up to pee/getting comfortable and the other 10% lightly dozing. However, I managed to solve the problem! I noticed that I felt most rested waking up from my naps (usually unintentional naps) and the only common denominator seemed to be the background noise. It definitely wasn't the couch, which is comfortable, but gets really hot, especially with two puppies and a blanket. I decided to try sleeping with the tv on in the bedroom; something I haven't done in years. Despite my doctor having told me to keep the tv off in the bedroom, it really helped tremendously. I fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer, woke up more rested and earlier than the past few weeks. While I still don't stay asleep through the night, I sleep so much better than before, and feel like I'm actually getting some rest. The volume is so low I can barely hear it, but it does seem to help. And as long as it helps, I will continue to take advantage of that, even if it's a placebo effect. (I'm still no closer to having actually seen the closing ceremony of the Olympics, despite the fact that I've played it through about 6 times.)

We had our last childbirth class on Thursday night, and it was as good as last week. Again, I felt like she was much more approving of pain medication, et al this time, and she told us she had actually had epidurals for all three of her children. Again, I knew a lot of what we learned from reading books and browsing around online, but it was still good to hear some of the stuff. We practiced breathing and different labour positions as well, but it was a pretty relaxed class and only 5 couples were there (including us). One of the dads showed off his full back tattoo after class, which was amazing. It featured landmarks from all over California and was beautifully done; the Golden Gate, Trans-America building, Hollywood sign, etc. He said it took over 100 hours to finish, which I can't even imagine. The artwork was wonderful though. I'd love to have the guts to do something like that. For some reason, I have no problem with tattoos or piercing needles, but I'm terrified of IVs or getting blood drawn or shots; I should not have watched that video that showed the epidural needle *shudder*.

Our weekend was the norm, so full of errands that we didn't really get the chance to rest. We stopped by a maternity consignment store on Friday and found some good stuff. I didn't find any comfortable jeans, but I did find a pair of linen pants that are super light and comfortable, and we also found a breast pump. It normally retails for $350, and we got it for a fraction of the cost. All it needs is to be cleaned, which is simple enough to do. Sunday was spent in horrible heels, which left me with horrible blisters and feet so sore I could barely walk the next day. We made a delicious corn chowder. Despite it being a chowder, it really is the perfect summer soup--light and refreshing while still being a hot meal. Like all nights this week, we spent some time just feeling Wallaby move. He's been so active lately! He doesn't kick so much as push and stretch and spin a bit. He likes to push his head into my lung and then just chill out there. Despite the discomfort he can cause, feeling him move is still my favourite part of pregnancy. And it's so much more fun now that James can regularly feel him as well. At night, in the morning before I wake up and especially after eating something like pineapple or a popsicle, he just seems to move non-stop. It's amazing. It seems crazy that I ever worried about him not moving enough!

Monday was spent procrastinating on James' present (whoops) and working on covering the glider. I got the pieces cut out, but ran out of fabric for the ottoman. Well, there's enough fabric, but only to cover it with vertical stripes, and the cushions will be horizontal, so I do need some more. Which means I had to send a plea to mom, since our Joann's doesn't have the pretty fabric she found. I sewed up one cushion, only to find that the cover wouldn't fit. That meant 20 minutes of ripping out my stitches to try, try again. Which is what I'll spent part of Tuesday doing, hopefully succeeding that time.

Tl; dr:

How far along: 31 weeks
Total weight gain: +25
Favourite clothes: Found some new linen pants at a consignment store and can't wait to wear them! (they need a wash)
Sleeping: So much better!
Best moment: Sleeping again!
Worst moment: Realizing that I get all the nasty side effects of the medicine and none of the benefits of pain relief
Miss anything: Same things as before, but it's a small sacrifice
Cravings: Nothing in particular this week, though I'm very suggestible right now
New symptoms: My legs still cramp up a bit, but I found the perfect way to get rid of them.
Looking forward to:  Going up north in two weeks! Yay! I can't wait for meat pies and kilts and the Browne sisters and kilts and Scottish dancing and kilts and kilts and did I mention the kilts?
Pregnancy brain moments: I'm sure there have been some, but I can't remember them...
Listening to: Willie Taylor by Deanta, and Willie Taylor by the Once. Very different versions of the same song...I'm partial to the tune/speed of the Deanta version, but love the extra verse by the Once.
Crafting: I finished the coasters finally! I keep bookmarking projects, but who knows when I'll get around to it
Baby projects: Still working on the cocoon (2 rows done), starting on recovering the glider and really working to start on the mobile soon. 1 project at a time seems best though

31 Weeks: Wallaby is the size of a pineapple
I felt artistic this week, so the 31 is chilling on an island

31 week profile.


Attack of the belly!!!

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