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Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 Weeks

Only 10 weeks until the due date! Whoo hoo!

This week started with a mystery pain. Tuesday night I got a weird side stitch-like pain in my stomach. It was bizarre---there was pain in my stomach, but it was also tender to the touch; even the lightest touch to my stomach sent shooting pain into it. I couldn't stand up straight and could barely walk. James was about to take me to the ER, but with our track record at St. Joseph's I really wasn't looking forward to that. I protested that it was probably just a pulled muscle or something similar and if I laid down it would help quite a bit--and it did. As soon as I lay down on my side, the pain subsided. It lasted on and off the rest of the week, but never reached the fever pitch of that night. The tenderness to the touch didn't come back and it never got to the point where standing up straight was bad.

I'm not sleeping too well; tossing and turning from side to side and being un-sleepy. Tired and exhausted, yes; sleepy, no. It seems like my body wants to rest between 5 am and 11 am instead of between 11 pm and 6 or 7 am. James gets up at 5:45 now, which wakes me up, so I end up with about 45 minutes of actual, good rest. Sleeping in is fine on days I don't work, but when I'm working, I end up barely being able to keep my eyes open. And yes, I know what you're going to say--I should get the sleep I can before the baby arrives. Trust me, I'm trying to. I've given up avoiding naps in an attempt to readjust my sleep schedule and am not napping whenever I can. After all, going napless leaves me feeling grouchy. James let me sleep in on Friday and Saturday until almost 11 am and I felt so much better for it, even though I didn't feel particularly productive.

For the past few days, Wallaby has been extremely active. It's still a little creepy to see my belly twitch, move from side to side or undulate, but knowing it's my baby makes it really cool. The stronger kicks of the past few days assure me that he's healthy and James has been able to feel him more regularly too. James hasn't seen my belly move, but we were able to count about 15 somersaults in the 5 minutes before falling asleep Sunday night. (I assume they were somersaults, but I'm not great at identifying body parts jabbing me yet). Sunday afternoon, his little kicks were strong enough to wake me up from my nap for the first time. Even when they're a bit uncomfortable (is Wallaby pinching me?), it's still my favourite part of pregnancy. And more than makes up for the little aches, pains and discomforts.

The pumpkin hat crocheted up so fast: I finished it in two short days! Despite my lack of experience and despite the fact that I was using some new techniques, it still turned out pretty well. We tried it on a baby doll at the childbirth class and it didn't quite fit on the head, so I'm making another and adding some new rows to make it larger. This week's class was a lot more pleasant: it didn't feel as anti-pain-medication as last time. Maybe that's because it focused on Cesarean birth. I don't like any kind of agenda being pushed on me, even if I agree with it. I'm viewing medical intervention like a cavity; I don't want it, but I'm not afraid of it and will do what I need to make this experience successful and as pleasant as possible. Epidurals especially seem to be a point of contention, but if it prevents a C-section (as my doctor says it has for many of his patients), I'll have one. The same goes for if I can't handle the pain or if I end up needing a C-section. The plan right now is to go in without a firm plan, to be adaptable and flexible. After all, I've never been through labour and every woman's labour is different, so I'm not expecting to stick to a plan. I'm much more comfortable with the idea that he has to come out at some point, and I'm feeling much better about the classes. I also learned a few new things this time.

It was a full weekend. We went to a Kia dealership Friday afternoon and had a horrible experience. It culminated in the salesman accusing us of wasting his time because he didn't bother to get the facts from the 6 other people who had helped us before (yeah, SIX) and thought we were buying a car that day. They also wanted to give us only $5,000 for my car, which is worth at least double that. But the day ended well with my little's bridal shower. I felt a bit out of place since I didn't have a cocktail dress I still fit into, but I had a blast talking to people and I'm SO glad she liked my present! It was a great, but late, night. Saturday we headed to Coronado to take my grandmother out for her birthday, which was Friday. We ended up at Chili's after finding out there was an hour and half wait for a table at World Famous. We ended up staying and chatting with her until 10 pm, which was a lot later than I expected. We were having a good time, and it's so much easier to talk to her when she's wearing her hearing aids. It was nice to see her, but it was even better because she was so happy to see us, even calling the next day to thank us again. We spent Sunday doing laundry and finishing the registry. It took almost 3 hours on the tablet with the limited 4G signal in the house, but getting it done felt great! Even in Coronado, it was SO HOT. In Orange, it's been over 95 degrees every day for the past week, and way too humid. I thought it would be better in Coronado, but even there it was in the high 80's. We went to church on Sunday and I thought I was going to faint because the church was hot, had no air conditioning and smelled like people (it was packed, but still, yuck). I would love a break from this heat, especially since there's no A/C in the nursery and it's too hot to work in there right now.

Monday was pretty relaxed. I had errands to run, but for some reason an overwhelming nausea struck and I spent the afternoon attempting not to throw up. I tried to distract myself: frustrating medical paperwork and figuring out disability insurance while pregnant, but that gave me a bad headache in addition to the nausea. Add in the frustration from the fact that our printer won't print for me and I was at the end of my rope. Instead of throwing the printer out of the window, I took some time to crochet and focus on other things. James was sweet enough to grocery shop after work so we could have dinner that night. Hopefully the nausea will go away, but it was a relaxing, restful day, even if I didn't feel great.

Here's the tl; dr version:

How far along: 30 weeks
Total weight gain: +23 (probably more, but I'm working on not worrying about it, since the doctor isn't worried)
Favourite clothes: Seriously loving my scoopneck, ruched tops from Pea in the Pod...they're the most flattering shirts right now
Sleeping: Intermittent and interrupted, but I think I'm doing better than recently. Maybe?
Best moment: The bridal shower and dinner with my grandma were the best parts of the week
Worst moment: Our experience at the Kia dealership; I actually stormed out on the guy I was so angry
Miss anything: Margaritas. I really never drank that much before getting pregnant...
Cravings: sweet potato tater tots 
New symptoms: I have this recurring stitch in my stomach, right to the left of my belly button. It comes and goes, but it's kinda painful
Looking forward to:  I'm having dinner with my little this weekend. Then seeing my parents and my baby shower and maternity photos! So much is happening in the next month!
Pregnancy brain moments: I sent an update to my high school for their alumni magazine and they asked for a photo. I definitely did the '"here it is" and forget to add the attachment' thing
Listening to: The Olympic theme has been stuck in my head incessantly! I'm kinda glad it's over now
Crafting: Those coasters are the bane of my existence. I'm so close to done, I just need the motivation to finish! 
Baby projects: There's a whole list I've made, but I'm taking it piece by piece. The second pumpkin hat, which I'm making a bit larger, a matching cocoon, the mobile (agh felt) and some other little pieces

30 Weeks: Wallaby can open & close his eyes! Blue, green, brown?

30 Week profile shot

30 week belly (the shirt is now too short)


  1. You are so beautiful! And I was wrong; the numbers are still visible even tho the shirt is short!!

  2. 23 kg??? That would be a lot... I've put on 15kg with Jonas, 14 kg with Emma. Love Miriam