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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

26 Weeks

(Sorry these are so late! As of July 24, I started the 7th month and 28 weeks, but I've been lame about uploading photos)

Less than 100 days left! (As chalkboarded last week!) But it's so exciting--out of the triple digits and into the doubles! That is so crazy! I can't believe how quickly October is coming up...and how much we have left to do! But we are getting some things done. I'm working on one of the last paintings and the mobile, although my felt skills are questionable at best. I also got the orange yarn for his pumpkin hat, so that should commence soon as well. I've also picked up a few crochet books, so maybe I can teach myself to crochet before Wallaby arrives.

We did finish up a few things though. James got the last shot glass shelf up, though we had to put it up between the two existing ones. If we'd kept the same spacing and put it below, Wallaby may soon have been able to reach the glasses, but if we put it above, you couldn't see them (and since I have them in chronological order, I'd have to have switched two entire shelves instead of just one.) It looks really nice though, and I'm really pleased with the display! It feels good to have it finished. On to the pantry next, I guess. I'm also finally finishing up the coasters for my friend's mom--I think there's only one left since I've been working on them at work. Then all that'll be left is attaching some felt to the bottom and delivering them. Overall I'm feeling pretty good and I'm sure we'll be able to finish everything up soon. Part of the problem is we're so tired in the evenings on work days and I can't really lift things that easily anymore, so I need to wait for James' help. We'll spend some quality time in the nursery this weekend, and I'm sure we'll see some improvement.

We spent a nice weekend in Coronado with a family friend and her friend. It was nice to get away for a few days. Friday night we had pizza from our favourite pizzeria, and after calling to confirm their goat cheese was made with pasteurized milk I was able to indulge in the deliciousness of their chicken apple sausage, goat cheese and kalamata olive pizza. SO GOOD. We took two cars to the zoo on Saturday, and it was a good thing because I got tired after 3 hours of walking. We left them to explore the rest of the zoo and grabbed some lunch on the island (Nicky Rottens, really good), then picked up some puppy supplies (flea shampoo, bones for a treat, bags) and headed back to the house. We washed the pups and let them chew on the bones for a while, which will hopefully help clean their teeth a bit. We even got into the hot tub, which helped relax my hip. Before anyone protests, it was set to 90 degrees, which is perfectly safe. Pippin has developed a verifiable phobia of fireworks, and spent the last half of both her evening walks being carried by James and then shaking for the next half hour at home. Poor girl. We spent Sunday walking around town, grabbing lunch at the Tavern (onion rings!) and popping into shops before James and I headed home. I hope our friends enjoyed their last evening there. It was a nice break, especially considering how humid Orange was when we left.

It's been a bit of a difficult week though, and I'm pretty sure knitting isn't going to help much. I've heard symptoms aren't supposed to kick up until the third trimester, but mine seem to be a few weeks early. My left fingers are super sore when I use the muscles in my hand. I imagine this is what arthritis feels like, but I'm wondering if carpal tunnel migrated to the other hand? It's just between the first two knuckles for the most part. My hip has just been killing me. Mornings are especially bad, but I can only sleep on my sides, which I'm sure isn't helping. And turning from side to side is becoming a monumental effort. Of course, as soon as I get comfortable I have to get up to pee again. I think my personal best is 9 times in one night. It drove me crazy. The chiropractor says it's getting better, but I'm still being reduced to clamoring for the Tylenol around 8 or 9 pm at night. I'll try a new, fluffier pillow between my knees tonight, maybe that will help. And my feet are swollen! My shoes had been tight for a while, but it got to the point where when walking my toes started to go numb! Mom sent me some super cute ruffle flip flops in fuchsia! They're so cute! I've already worn them once when running errands and they're just so fun! They're way more comfortable than my flats, thank goodness.

Weekly update:

How far along: 26 weeks
Total weight gain: +11 (according to my scale)
Favourite clothes: That new nursing sports bra is comfy and supportive, even if it squishes me a bit
Sleeping: Tossing, turning and getting up to pee all the time. I can't wait til I don't have to sleep on my side
Best moment: Tickled by kicks (I don't know what he was doing, but it felt like being tickled and made me laugh)
Worst moment: I haven't really had a worst moment, my days aren't that bad
Miss anything: Sleeping on my back and stomach, eating prosciutto 
Cravings: Onion rings 
New symptoms: Swollen feet, pain in my left knuckles 
Looking forward to:  Visiting my parents for the Scottish Games on Labour Day
Pregnancy brain moments: Oh, I can't remember anything anymore
Listening to: The Islander by the Navigators
Crafting: I finished a new necklace, and am still working on those coasters
Baby projects: Mobile, paintings, pumpkin hat

26 Weeks: Wallaby is the size of a head of lettuce

26 week belly photo

It's so big!

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