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Sunday, June 8, 2014

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks
Total weight gain: 2.2 lbs
Favourite clothes: Pyjamas and sleep bra
Sleeping: Meh
Best Moment:  The last few days in Jamaica
Worst Moment: The layover in Atlanta was tough
Miss anything: Energy
Cravings: Still nectarines and blood oranges. Pineapple!
New symptoms: Nothing new
Looking forward to: G's new daycare starts this week and I think it'll be a good fit
Crafting: Still knitting that scarf. I also have the paintings to start!

Our last three days in Jamaica were great. G spent time at the kids club there and with us on the beach. It was a good combination I think. My parents loved spending time with him, which gave us a nice break and I thoroughly enjoyed lying in the sun on the beach, reading. We came back on Tuesday, and it was a full day of traveling. G did pretty well, but we were all happy to be home and in our own beds.

Friday we had another OB appointment. The nurse reassured me about the SUA again, because I just worry like that and gave me a medical grade support belt to wear. Apparently the pain I get when I stand up from sitting or sit up from lying down is all my abdominal muscles pulling apart. They were already pulled apart from G, and this pregnancy is exacerbating it. So I get a support belt. It's enormous. It's been helping a bit, but I can't wear it when I sit because it's so uncomfortable. Did I mention it's black and goes over your clothing in this humidity? G was with us and was crazy energetic. He kept running around the exam table and trying to unplug the light. My next appointment will include the glucose screen, so I had to schedule it for when James could watch G since I'll need to wait an hour between drinking that stuff and getting my blood drawn. G would go crazy if he had to wait that long. Two weeks after that is the next ultrasound to check on baby's growth!

Friday and Saturday were also spent packing up the house for the renovation to start (Monday) and moving to camp. This is our 5th move in 15 months, which will make moving back to our house our 6th move in 18 months. I LOATHE moving. And the cabins at camp aren't exactly designed for long term residency. The internet is spotty at best (I don't even bother using it because it's so slow), only 2 channels come in on the antenna for the TV, and there's no dishwasher! I'm very grateful they got a washer and dryer to hook up in our cabin so we can do our laundry here. G is going to love it because of the beach and the pier and the huge grounds to play in, but all the bugs are turning me into a hermit. It'll be a new adventure, but it's never easy adjusting to a new place to live. I'm grateful my mother in law and father in law came over to help us on Saturday. It made a huge difference, having them help us pack up the kitchen and the stuff that needed to stay at the house and help loading and unloading everything. Hopefully we remembered everything, but if not, the house isn't that far away and we'll be stopping by every few days to pick up mail anyways. As usual when faced with big changes I'm terrified and excited about it all!

23 weeks: Baby Girl is the size of a leafy seadragon

The belly is coming along nicely

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