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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

24 Weeks

How far along: 24 weeks
Total weight gain: ?
Favourite clothes: A new dress that I haven't actually worn yet (still need to hem it)
Sleeping: Terribly!
Best Moment: G has been great with me this week!
Worst Moment: My birthday was a really stressful day
Miss anything: Tequila
Cravings: I never know what I want, but I always know what I don't want to eat
New symptoms: Heartburn and Braxton-Hicks
Looking forward to: Brunch with a friend and getting to meet her new baby!
Crafting: Knitting, painting, Father's Day gifts

What a LONG week! Staff training was crazy! Basically, the staff were like the campers this week, and James was like the counselor. He was working from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm regularly! It's been interesting adjusting to being at camp full time. Our meal times are pre-determined if we want to eat on campus, but this makes it easier to have G stick to a schedule.

Tuesday was his first day at the new daycare! He seems to really like it. He eats breakfast with the counselors and James at 8, and we leave around quarter to nine, dropping him off at nine. There have been tears every day, but that's to be expected until he gets used to the new place. I send lunch with him, and he eats at 11. I pick him up at 1, and take him home, where he naps until about 3. In fact, he's usually so tired that he's fallen asleep in the car and doesn't wake up when I transfer him. Friday was their water day. They said he had a blast and was the only kid his age who got in the bounce house with no reservations whatsoever! He played so hard he fell asleep halfway through lunch, which screwed up his nap schedule, but he fell asleep quickly that night.

Wednesday was stressful because he was super fussy and throwing tantrums most of the afternoon. It was my birthday and it just felt kinda blah all day. I knew we wouldn't be able to do much since staff training was in full swing, but James has been so busy and didn't even leave campus until Saturday afternoon, so it made me a little sad. He did have the counselors decorate Wilson Hall for dinner for my birthday and the kitchen made a cake, which was nice. And it turns out it was the head counselor's birthday too! I rarely meet people with my birthday, so that was fun! It was just a long day, and it's been tough adjusting to having G all afternoon, and doing his bedtime routine without James' help.

On the bright side, since I've been doing pretty much everything, G has been much better with me this week. He still prefers daddy, but not to the extent of rejecting me and has even wanted me over him a few times. It's still tough when James leaves in the morning or if he comes home for a while and has to leave again, but I think we're getting better at that.

Saturday we went out for my birthday. It was a great meal, and we came home to find our sitter had washed all the dishes in the sink! (Not having a dishwasher really stinks!) We were both totally exhausted though and didn't make it through the movie we rented. Hopefully we can have a bit of a break and a rest tomorrow!

24 Weeks: "Mermaid" is the size of a little blue/fairy penguin

Baby Girl was christened Mermaid until she gets her real name by a friend

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