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Friday, September 28, 2012


Last weekend James and I worked on the nursery and finished it all up! We went with an ocean theme, since we both love the ocean and it was gender neutral before we found out Wallaby was a boy. Most of the decorations are from the Bubbles & Squirt collection by Lambs & Ivy. I'm really happy with how it turned out--I think it looks nice and I enjoy hanging out in there (when it's cool at least). So here's some pictures of the finished nursery!

This is looking into the nursery from the doorway. You can see how most of the room is set up. Our room is to the right.

We got a toy chest that has pistons to avoid slammed fingers, a hamper that looks like a whale and the crib.

Here's the glider we recovered. There's a two drawer file cabinet we're using as a side table that the lamp and night light are sitting on. There's the dresser/changing table that also has a bookshelf. There's a diaper pail, a diaper bag (hanging on the edge), and the painting I did.

A little school of fish below the window! These decals were so cute!

Our vinyl decals over the crib to make a little underwater scene for Wallaby. James was awesome putting them all up and helping me design it. The best part about the decals is that they're reusable!

Here's the quilt that came with the crib set. It's so cute. And the blowfish (which you can just see the bottom of) has a squeaker inside of it! He'll be sleeping in our room at first, so it might be a while before he gets put in the crib (especially since there's no air conditioning in the nursery and it is still HOT here)

The closet is hiding my sewing machine and craft organization on the right, and some baby stuff on the left. You can see the whale triptych, and the valance over the closet doors.

This is the rug we found at Costco! It was just one of those awesome accidental finds. Ocean-y and educational. Although I don't understand why the last row of numbers is backwards, it's still cute!

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