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Saturday, September 8, 2012

33 Weeks

I feel like I say this in every post, but I really can't believe how quickly time is going by. Whenever Tuesday rolls around, I'm always amazed how quickly the weeks have gone by. At the same time, these last few weeks seem to be crawling! As I said, I can't wait to meet our little guy and hold him and not be pregnant. Despite all the aches and pains, I've really loved being pregnant, but I'm ready to not be for a while now.

I was so worried the past weekend because Wallaby had calmed down and wasn't moving as much as I was used to. I was going to call the doctor, but then his kicks started up again. Wednesday morning was especially interesting. James and I have been making a concerted effort to get to bed earlier since he's waking up earlier for work. It's made a big difference, and on Wednesday I even woke up early enough to sit and watch some news before leaving for work instead of grabbing a coke and bolting out the door with barely enough time to wash my face. Since James goes to work an hour before me, and 15 minutes before my alarm goes off, he tries to start waking me up before he leaves (yes, it is a process lol). This time I woke up, and as soon as I was awake, he started moving. And boy did he move. Not only did he have hiccups, but he was kicking and stretching out like I'd just given him an espresso! It was amazing! It's starting to get a little more uncomfortable since he's stretching out pretty strongly and kicking out pretty hard, but I just laid in bed, hand on my stomach feeling him move until my alarm finally went off.

Tuesday I had the biggest craving for Johannesbeeren or red currants. I used to eat them at my babysitter's house in Germany; we would pick them fresh and eat them in a bowl with milk and sugar. They were delicious and tangy. I cannot find ANY in the 18 years I've lived in the states, which is incredibly sad. If anyone knows where I can get FRESH red currants (not preserves), please let me know ASAP! I would love to have some again!!

For Wednesday's dinner, we decided to try this recipe for Chicken Pillows. Now, we changed some things (as usual). We didn't use three chicken breasts--how she managed to fit that much stuffing in each pillow I have no idea; we used two filet-ed chicken breasts and had more than enough filling. I also used 6 oz of cream cheese since that was all I had in the fridge. We also needed a little more butter and just eyeballed the bread crumbs. They were delicious! The filling is great on its own too, on top of a cracker or just by itself; almost like a chicken salad, but much tastier. Then when you cook them; YUM. Although, I would make a different gravy (and did when we made them for my parents on Saturday): try the Ikea gravy packs, or if you have Rahmsosse (from Germany), that works very well. We ended up freezing half of them, and eating two apiece.

Thursday we left for NorCal to spend the long weekend with my parents. We did the trip in two steps. When James got off work we finished packing and got a bit of a later start than we expected, leaving at 9 instead of 7. We ended up at the hotel in Bakersfield around midnight, with takeout bags from In N Out. The dogs were very well behaved and got a treat--they were allowed to sleep in the bed with us. I was very grateful for the A/C, since those two are like little space heaters, but neither of us slept very well in the hard hotel bed. After our complimentary hot breakfast (weird bacon), we hit the road for the rest of the way. Although it was nice to get a rest, I think both James and I would have preferred to drive through the night and sleep in in the morning. We were pretty lucky and didn't hit much traffic on the way up. James realized he had no church clothes, so we ended up having to make a Target trip for some khakis and a button up shirt; he had a belt, socks and shoes, but nothing else. We got in around 2 pm, and were able to celebrate mom and dad's 27th (!) anniversary with them that night. We picked up some roses and lilies, a tiramisu and a movie for the night. It was a nice night spent together, and mom got to feel little Wallaby moving.

Saturday was a long day. We left later than expected for the games, but that was fine since sleeping in was nice. It was a lot cooler than most years, but a pregnant woman still gets overheated pretty easily and it was hot enough. The cool weather meant it was a lot more crowded than usual. We missed my old Scottish country dance teacher, but got some meat pies for lunch. We got the last two meat pies and had to supplement with shepherd's pies. I was disappointed--this particular company doesn't give you any gravy, and their filling leaves quite a bit to be desired,  but I wasn't going to stand in another 45 minute line for something different. Next time though, I'll remember not to go to that stand; I wish Dixon Meat Pies was still there, but their double decker had raffle tickets instead of food :( We listened to the Browne Sisters, met up with a friend from high school and her beau, then headed out to shopping. I picked up my jam and coo-ed over the baby kilts, but we decided to wait til Wallaby arrives to get him one (but he WILL have one!). James and I left a bit early, leaving mom and dad to come home with Peggy who stayed for dinner. We made the chicken pillows and had the previous night's tiramisu for dessert. My toes looked like little sausages by the end of the day.

Sunday we went to mom's church as we do when we're up there. It was great to see everyone; we always feel so welcome and loved when we're there. It's such a lovely congregation, and we had a nice time catching up at the coffee hour. We had made plans to see Peggy at 2 that day, and we arrived to a surprise baby shower! The same friend from Saturday, my maid of honour, her mom and a friend from my home church were there. It was so nice to see everyone outside of facebook and spend time with them! We had such a lovely time, and I was completely blown away! We got to open presents, read some of the books we were given, eat spinach balls and h the cutest Disney/beach themed ice cream cake. The ice cream was delicious, but we all looked like we'd eaten Smurfs--the icing turned everyone's mouth blue! It had a cute little note on it, which read "Waiting for Wallaby!" It was such a lovely party and both James and I really enjoyed ourselves. It did make for a long day, and we crashed out pretty early.

We left Monday after packing everything up. Mom and dad had found a box of my old baby books, so we took some of those with us and packed up the car with all of our things and the puppies. We stopped at Genova's delicatessen on the way out of town for lunch (a meatball sub and a philly cheese steak, plus some frozen ravioli and meat sauce to take home) and then we hit the road. James drove the whole way, as he's wont to do. We hit some traffic--one of the lanes on the grapevine was closed and there were a few places where it slowed down a bit. I slept quite a bit, but overall we had a miraculously easy drive. Even in the middle of LA, there were hardly any cars on the road with us. It was great, but definitely surreal. We stopped by Fresh and Easy to pick up a simple dinner and  ended up asleep before 9 pm. It was a long weekend, but it was so much fun!!

How far along: 33 weeks
Total weight gain: Somewhere in the realm of 25-30 lbs
Favourite clothes: If I could just live in the new Sesame Street boxers I got, I would
Sleeping: Better with the tv on, worse if I'm not in my bed
Best Moment: Walking in and seeing my friends at the shower!!
Worst Moment: Waiting in line for meat pies for 45 minutes only to receive subpar food
Miss anything: Sleeping on my back!!! Sleeping on my side is only exacerbating my hip problems
Cravings: Johannesbeeren or red currants, with milk and sugar please
New symptoms: I get tired so easily, it's like the first trimester all over again, but more uncomfortable
Looking forward to: The baby shower next week and our maternity photos
Pregnancy brain moments: I don't remember any in particular, but that might be one in itself
Listening to: Mo Ghile Mear by Celtic Women
Crafting: The cocoon is the only project I have going right now
Baby Projects: The same ones as before, but I'm quickly running out of time!

With my parents

33 Weeks: Wallaby is the size of a honeydew
James can be in the photo when someone else takes it!

33 week profile (hobbit door!)

belly zoom


  1. Hobbit door!! Never thought of that! So great to have you up in NorCal... Looking more beautiful than ever -- now on to the due date!!

  2. Careful with tiramisu - raw eggs! Not good while pregnant. Miriam