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Sunday, July 8, 2012

23 Weeks

Late again. Since this is becoming my pregnancy journal, I should probably be better about updating it, but for some reason I'm not. It was a very busy week: our anniversary and a weekend in Northern California made for quite the busy time.

It was a really fun weekend! We packed up the dogs and left Orange as soon as James got off work. Aside from construction (with no vehicles or people present) closing the 5 down to one lane, it was a pretty smooth drive. Saturday was St. Luke's patio luncheon and it was fun to look through the silent auction (I even got some canning jars!) and see some friends. We got to see Brave after the luncheon, which was very good, especially the music. We also had a lovely dinner at one of our favourite Italian restaurants in the area--calamari dorati and some sort of chocolate truffled ice cream for dessert--fantastic! Sunday was church and it was great to see mom's parishioners. We had lunch with a friend of mine from high school in Livermore and then James had to head back home with the puppies since he had work on Monday. I stuck around and had afternoon tea with another friend and dinner with another. It was a very busy day. Monday I made butternut squash soup and raspberry-balsamic vinegar pie with another high school friend (it was quite the Athenian reunion weekend!) Unfortunately, she had to go to work before the pie cooled, but she brought some over on Tuesday and it was delicious. I went to mom's belly dance class Monday night, but I pulled something in my stomach, so I wasn't really up to dancing. After mom's bible study on Tuesday, we went shopping. The ruched shirts I got from Target are all of a sudden a lot shorter and keep showing the panel of my jeans--not so attractive. We got a few more shirts that will actually fit since they're tunic length. By that point, it was time to head to the airport for my flight home.

Instead of taking SouthWest to John Wayne, I decided to save some money by booking a JetBlue flight into Long Beach instead. I'd had previous good experiences with JetBlue, so I wasn't that concerned. Now admittedly, I probably should have just peed when I got through security and I should have eaten before, but I didn't and I hadn't. Either way, I figured that arriving by 8:15 would be fine. Maybe I should have taken the hint when I couldn't log in because they had my name listed as Emilyb and then told me I couldn't choose that seat (the one I'd booked) because it was already taken (yes, by me!) The flight was delayed. First just by 20 minutes, then we would be taking off by 7:35 at the latest (7:00 flight), then they just stopped telling us anything. Around 8:00 they told us that the men inspecting the plane had just arrived. Finally, we were boarding, but still didn't take off. I was still in pain from whatever I'd pulled in my stomach, but it's not like people are actually kind and help a pregnant woman with lifting her carry on over her head, no. Finally, I was seated and figured they would turn off the fasten seat belt light soon so I could finally pee. Instead, when we finally took off, it was like leaving from Newport, with the engines cutting off once you're so far up. I already don't like flying, so that wasn't much fun for me. Add to that the engines continuing to get louder and quieter the entire flight, the plane dipping up and down whenever it felt like it (steeply enough to move me in my seat) and the PA system not working properly and I wasn't doing well. The fasten seatbelt light finally turned off after the flight attendant came around with drinks, so after the tray tables were down. She also got my drink order wrong, blaming it on me, saying I spoke too softly--real nice...maybe you should listen better. Then the light went back on before they collected trash, so I didn't get a chance to pee the entire flight. In addition, Long Beach drops you on the tarmac and it feels like you have to walk a mile to get to the terminal, and a bathroom. We finally arrived two hours after we were supposed to land, meaning I was starving, in pain and exhausted. A sure combination for grouchiness. But James was there to pick me up, with James Rollins' new book Bloodline as a surprise for me (I didn't have time to pick it up myself, like I intended to).

Weekly Update:

How far along: 23 weeks
Total weight gain: No idea, but I'm eating everything in sight!
Favourite clothes: My new ruched shirts are so comfortable and I have one in orange with thin white stripes. It makes me think of summertime and fresh-squeezed orange juice
Sleeping: Surprisingly well. And I'm sleeping in a lot more too
Best moment: Seeing all my friends! I miss them!
Worst moment: The entire flight. 
Miss anything: The usual: sushi, margaritas, etc. But to be honest, I don't miss it all that much.
Cravings: Asparagus with balsamic glaze. Again. So good. Oh, and baked brie--totally safe since Fresh & Easy's brie is made with pasteurized milk.
New symptoms: Whatever that weird pulled muscle feeling was that lasted three days. Also, I'm pretty sure I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions--at least there's this tightening feeling in my lower abdomen, so I think that's what it is.
Looking forward to: My sugaring appointment and getting to work on the nursery!
Pregnancy brain moments: I completely forgot to pack a real bra for the trip; I only had my sports bra, which was problematic. Luckily I packed enough underwear this time. (Yes, this time. I need to write everything down)
Listening to: "The Warlike Lads of Russia" by the Navigators. Based on my music choices, I think I'd do well in Newfoundland (The Navigators, and (of course) my favourite Great Big Sea)
Crafting: Still working on those watermelon coasters, but there's about 8 different projects in the works
Baby projects: Same as last time--getting the nursery habitable, the mobile, etc, etc.

23 Weeks: Wallaby is the size of an eggplant

23 week belly

23 week belly zoom

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  1. You're such a picture of health! Looking forward to the 24th and 25th week pics.
    Mary Beth
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