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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ainsley Month 9

May 24-June 23

-Said Dada May 24
-Spent her first day in the church nursery on June 7
-Pulled up on her own on June 23

She's continuing to grow, grow, grow! This girl loves music! She dances in her seat during meals at camp, and smiles and laughs when the music plays. At church, she held herself up on her own on the pew and danced to the music that was being played behind us.

She's continuing to eat well, whatever she can feed herself, and pieces of what we're eating too. A lot of carrots and cucumbers from the salad bar at camp. She had ice cream for the first time at the beach when James' parents visited. She really, really loved it, and Jimmy had a great time sharing his ice cream with her. (It was also my first time getting ice cream from an ice cream truck! So I can check that off my bucket list. No joke.)

She's still army crawling around, but will also scoot on her butt, much like G did. She can't move from sitting to her tummy, or from her tummy to sitting on her own yet. The counselors at camp love to hold her, but she's showing extreme separation anxiety, so we're working on it. As long as she can't see me, she seems to do alright, but if she catches sight of me, it's all over.

One day she saw her reflection in the glass door of the oven. She started waving her arms and smiling and talking at it. She had such a blast, acting like she'd made a new friend. It was great! I guess I've gotta find her some playdates soon!


Look at those faces!

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