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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ainsley Month 8

April 24-May 23

-New foods: pickles, eggs, blueberries, meatball, egg noodles, macaroni and cheese, chicken, grapes, strawberries, sweet potato, chocolate cake. This girl LOVES to eat!
-First word! On May 8 she said "mama!"

On May 14, Ainsley spent her first night in the crib in her room, and she slept 11.5 hours straight! We moved her after she went from sleeping through the night to waking up 3+times a night and nursing wasn't helping her fall asleep anymore. I think she was waking up because she could hear us moving around (or more likely snoring), and then could see me right next to her. If she couldn't see me, she'd go back to sleep. So I guess we've officially moved to the crib. It's a little sad, but we've ALL been sleeping much better, and her naps have improved to. I give partial credit to the zipadeezip, which is an amazing product for transitioning from the swaddle (even though mine is a bit big for her.) She was getting her feet stuck in between the crib slats, so we bought those mesh, breathable bumpers, and it's seemed to really help. They're pretty cute too, since they have safari animal scenes on them, which goes with her animal/giraffe demi-theme.

She's started really army crawling on her belly and can get pretty far,especially when she's going after one of G's toys. She's also starting to realize cause and effect with her noisy toys. She especially loves the music ones and will bounce around when they play music.

She adores feeding herself. She's not much for purees, so we've been steadily pursuing the baby led weaning path for her. If I manage to get food into her mouth, she spits it right out again until she feeds it to herself. Purees have much the same reaction, with much more mess. G has always hated being messy, but Ainsley couldn't care less and can make an astounding amount of mess with her food. It's adorable. And aggravating sometimes since she's not too fond of the cleaning up process

Getting a bit big for these pjs!

One of the best parts of having a girl is the clothes!! Thanks, Grammy for the dress!

Like I said, loves to make a mess :)

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