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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ainsley Month 10

June 24-July 23

-She is 15 lbs 15 oz, 27" long
-No common food allergies! She's had all the most common allergenic foods as of this month: peanut butter, eggs, strawberries, and shellfish (shrimp) with no reactions
-She babbles all the time!
-Teeth! Up to 4 now

Her naps have been a little off lately. Even though shes nowhere close to needing only one nap, she's been consolidating like crazy, often taking one monster 3 hour nap in the middle of the day instead of two naps. It drives me nuts, but our schedule while at camp is making it really difficult to find a decent sleep schedule for her. She also refuses to nap anywhere but her crib/pack n play, so I've become a bit of a hermit lately, or else I end up with a crabby babe.

She's saying stuff! While I was skyping with a friend I jokingly said "Say Angela!," and she fully said "an he ha!" I know that might not sound amazing to most, but it was so cool seeing her try to imitate our words. She also said "pup pup" when I was pointing out the puppies to her and she's said "baba" when we've told her to say "bye bye!" The mama and dada are getting more distinct too and she seems to know that they mean us!

It took nearly two weeks, but her two top front teeth have broken the surface! They're still coming in all the way but at least they're through. I took her in for a routine blood draw to test for anemia, and she didn't make a single peep as they put the needle in and found a vein, just looked me them and at me. She must have a pretty high pain tolerance.

She's had a lot of firsts lately. Her first day at daycare was on the 21st, and she only drank one ounce of milk. Her second day she didn't drink any milk. She hasn't slept well there either. We'll give her a few more weeks, but if it's still causing more stress than it's saving, we'll pull her out. She clapped, or rather just brought her hands together, but she's so exciting about it! Then a few days later, I picked her up from daycare, said "Say goodbye to teacher" and she waved! Up and down with her hand. It was adorable. So now she waves and claps on and off.

She has become one of the most happy babies I've ever seen. She still has her moments, but overall, she is just such a happy, content baby. She enjoys being held, but also enjoys crawling around on the floor (scooting really) and getting into anything we don't want her messing with. It'll be good to get back to our house when camp is over. It'll be  bit of a hassle to move back in, but I think everyone will be much happier; G will have all his toys, which will feel like new toys to him, and Ainsley will love exploring a new place. (I will enjoy having tv, internet, and cooking again).

When did she get so big?

Hardly ever holds still

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