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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ainsley Month 4

December 24-January 23

-12 lb, 4 oz, 24.5" long
-loves to coo and talk, all the time
-better at being put down (we're practicing)
-can grab toys and move/shake them
-reaches for things
-distracted nursing sucks
-tummy time is going better
-teething? lots of chewing and drool
-double swaddling has been a life saver: the miracle blanket, then a muslin swaddle blanket over that
-first time leaving her with a non family member on January 20
-wakes up in the morning and stretches as I unswaddle her, then gives me the biggest grin
-knows the sound of my nursing cami unhooking and what it means
-stops smiling when the camera comes out
-loves her paci/schnulli now


4 months 

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