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Friday, February 13, 2015

Ainsley Month 1

Ainsley's first month! 9/24/14-10/23/14

-8 lbs, 9 oz (almost a full pound gained since birth!)
-Loves: having a clean diaper, lying on mommy's chest, nursing, being held like a monkey on daddy's arm, the swing, the ceiling fan, going to "baby world," sticking out her tongue (she looks like a dinosaur from Land Before Time when she does this!)
-Hates: changing clothes, the process of diaper changes, being dirty/wet, pacifiers, the cosleeper/bassinet, car rides, tummy time
-Can: grunt/coo, go through 15 diapers a day hold her head up during tummy time, roll onto her side, smile? (maybe just gas, but it's cute!)
-Eyes: dark blue
-Hair: auburn
-Clothing size: newborn

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