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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

11 Months

I know this is late, but what a month it has been.

We all went up to visit my parents over Labour Day weekend. It's become a bit of a tradition; not only is it my parents' anniversary (28 years!) but it is also the Pleasanton Highland Games, which are always fun. I love the music, and the food, and the shopping! Plus, I usually get to see my old Scottish country dance teacher and some people from Highland classes too. This was the first year G was with us, and it was quite an experience. G doesn't like the stroller, and it was way to interesting there for such silly things as naps. Eventually, he did succumb to a nap, in the middle of a Celtica concert. They were not amused by this fact, considering that their goal is to be as loud and as rock as possible, but I still bought the CDs because they are like magic aural sleeping pills for G. James went back to Orange to work a two day week, but I was lucky enough to stay up north with my parents and see some friends of mine.

When James got back, we went on a retreat/mini-vacation to Beckwith Camp and Conference Center in Fairhope, Alabama. It's the camp that James grew up at, and it was a nice little break. It was the first time we'd ever left G overnight, and it was a bit rough. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, though that might be attributed to the bed. The town itself was cute; lots of walking, an independent bookshop, a used bookshop, a bead store and a YARN store!! We had so much fun: I was invited to go paddleboarding one morning (and didn't even fall), we walked around camp and found lots of frogs, went kayaking another morning, drove into the outlets one afternoon, and were able to meet James' parents and brother for lunch out last day. It was fun, but after 5 days and four nights, I was so ready to see my baby boy again. I missed him so much.

After 7 hours driving home with him, not so much. Just kidding, but really, it was a rough drive. He was teething worse than I've ever seen when we left him with my parents. A few nights, he even slept in just a diaper because, even with the Tylenol, he was burning up. I don't think I've ever seen him so fussy and irritable before, even with all the tummy problems. And for all that, the tooth didn't even break through! Since then, another tooth has come through and the tooth in question finally broke the surface, but man, I'm not looking forward to another year and a half of this. Other than that, it's been a really quiet month for us, with not a lot going on.

-is so long! It's like he grown more every day! He's even lost most of the little baby rolls. (Mind you, he's still too short for the 9 month pants)
-can drink assisted out of a cup!
-has drunk through a straw
-waved goodbye for the first time (Italian style, toward himself)
-is starting to cruise around regularly, and considers any moment not moving a moment wasted
-has pretty much moved beyond puffs and purees, though sometimes more texture weirds him out.

Little Moments:
-I made a few meals' worth of pasta stars and sat down to eat some myself (it was only 10 am, and I pulled some aside for his lunch). I was sitting on the kitchen floor, and he had pulled himself to standing on me, hands on my shoulders, eating off my spoon, even though his face was maybe 6 inches from mine.
-G has a breakfast buddy at daycare that he eats breakfast with every Wednesday and Thursday morning. He gave another little girl a kiss, and the next day, his breakfast buddy kept ignoring him and taking his toys away! Already a heartbreaker...
-Pulled himself up on the bottom shelf of the fridge and stood there, staring into it. So like a guy!
-He fed me a puff at church one week!
-Mom and I were at Costco and put little glasses on G! He looked like Harry Potter! SO CUTE!

Lounging at 11 months old. Holy smokes!

He's comin' to get you!

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