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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goal Update

This was supposed to autopublish on Sept 2...obviously, that did not happen...
A few months ago, I posted about my goals. I thought an update was in order to see how I'm doing.

1) To update the monthly blog post within a week of the 14th, complete with photos.
Well, I've done it at least once. It really is finding the time to upload the photos that throws me off. The post is usually written and waiting for the photos to be added. I'll have to be a bit better...maybe uploading as soon as I take them?

2) One other bog post per month, going back to the roots: recipe, craft project or book review.
Well, I have quite a few craft posts lined up and ready to go. They're waiting on photos (see a trend?) or for the actual project to be completed. So I think I can definitely mark this one as done! Yay!!

3) Weight loss and exercise. 10-15 lb less by October and 30-60 minutes at the gym twice a week plus dance.
I still haven't been cleared for dance by the PT, but I've been working on getting to the gym. I read it takes 66 days to get into the swing of exercising regularly, and I'm definitely not there yet, but I am trying. I'm up to 35 minutes on the elliptical each time I go, going 2+ miles! As far as the weight loss, it's not really going at all. Since I stopped pumping I've also stopped losing weight. I'm not sure I can meet my goal by October, but I'm not going to give up! After all, I lost the pregnancy weight and more before the 1 year mark and I'm determined to get healthy (plus the really adorable pair of jeans that I can't quite fit into yet are goo incentive too)

4) Choose at least one new recipe per month and make it, taking pictures along the way and posting. Work up to one new recipe a week.
Wow. Well, considering that we're still cooking and eating well after 8 pm, the weekly new recipe is a bit too ambitious. Hopefully moving the playard into the kitchen so G can be safe while I cook will help, but this is something I really want to try. I have so many new recipes from Better Homes and Gardens I want to try!

5) Choose at least one craft project per month and FINISH it. (Take progress pictures if possible!)
Um. I'm trying! I'm actually really working pretty hard on my crafting right now! And I've finished at least two since I posted this! Yay me?

6) Unpack the boxes in the bedroom and get that bathroom up to scruff by September 1.
Well, I did half of this! The boxes in the bedroom are unpacked and mostly put away. The bathroom is not going to be organized by September 1, but it's so much better than before! And it will get done!

7) By November 1, unpack and paint the middle bedroom, reorganizing and setting up the crafting area.
Haha. Well, I still have another month, right? I am doing my best, but other things (like sleeping, eating and bathing) keep getting in the way of my good intentions. We really do have to paint though...

8) Floss nightly. 
I wish I brushed my teeth nightly. TMI? Well, I usually fall into bed and I'm terrified tat the light being on/any noise in our en suite bathroom will wake the baby. But again, I should be better.

I'll let y'all judge if telling someone has kept me more accountable. I think so--a few of the things I've actually accomplished to the best of my ability or at least semi-accomplished. And posting it here has given me a bit of a kick to accomplish these things. So, I'll keep these goals for now since I haven't gotten into a routine with all of them, and we'll check in in another couple months!

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