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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

37 Weeks

Here we are! Full term baby on board and an unimaginably large belly. Despite the little aches, pains and inconveniences that I've vented about here, I've really enjoyed being pregnant. It really is absolutely amazing that women's bodies can create a brand new life, and I feel bad that men don't get to experience that. But, then my hips start aching from sitting, or I run into something with the belly and I don't feel too bad. :)

The breast pump saga has continued. I spent about 3-4 hours total on the phone with Blue Shield this week. Finally getting transferred to a manager after a supervisor put me on hold for an hour only to tell me what I began our conversation with. Apparently, with the implementation of the ACA, I get to be a guinea pig since Blue Shield's provider contracts haven't caught up with the new laws. My case got sent to the "Plan Architects" for them to figure out how they'll accomodate the fat that they now have to cover 100% of a purchased (not rented) breast pump of any style. With the pressure of my due date and the help of the manager fighting in my corner, it was dealt with quickly--she called with daily updates and on Monday I got a call with a new provider name. I'll be calling them as soon as I get the new authentication. It's been a SAGA, but I am hopeful that it's finally over.

My emotions are a bit crazy, and I totally blame hormones. I readily admit that I am an easily irritated person; it's not something I'm proud of, and it's something that I'm constantly trying to work on. However, with the pregnancy, my tenuous hold on my temper has become more dubious. Wednesday let me in a grumpy mood after an overpriced, icky lunch left me with no water, afternoon snack or book  (the first of which I finished in the morning). I also missed the young adult group since my stomach was upset. Thursday was even more interesting. My boss loves his conservative talk radio, and I can usually tune it out, but he went off about something called the Obamaphone on Thursday. I really don't have the energy to get into it right now, but Snopes points out that it was not implemented by Obama and my boss has a high chance of getting a computer virus based on the fact that he would visit a website called*smh*. In the afternoon, a "solicitor" came by. I use the term loosely since she was so lazy that she didn't stick the flyer in the door, through the mail slot or even come in; she just dropped the flyer on the sidewalk outside of our door! I was so upset that I went out to pick up the flyer, and started admonishing her for littering and being lazy. She just stared at me like I was crazy. My boss said he was scared of me, and he was inside! Maybe I am crazy, but I can't believe someone littering so nonchalantly. Gr. Between the headache this incurred and the hip pain that struck later, it was a long afternoon. James made a surprise dinner for me so I didn't have to cook--a fantastic chicken piccata. I am truly blessed with the best, most thoughtful husband.

On Friday James got his shots--apparently there's a whooping couch endemic in California, so he got his booster (I'll get mine after the birth) and then a flu shot, then the second of a two part vaccine he never completed. His arms were pretty sore for the next few days. My blood pressure was a bit high again at the doctor's, but after lying on my left side, it dropped again. My doctor is watching like a hawk for pre-eclampsia, but since it drops, he doesn't seem too concerned. We have another appointment in a week since there's no sign of labour happening soon. We had some guests for dinner, making pollo asado tacos with grilled pineapple and mango salsa. It was delicious and great to see friends, but I had to cut the evening short--I just get so tired and I'd overextended myself, which made itself plain in my hip pain. I broke down and took some pain medicine, but could still barely walk.

The weekend was very long but fun. We woke up Saturday to no hot water, which continued on and off for the entire day. The property manager wouldn't approve paying a plumber overtime, and I was lucky to get a hot shower at 9 pm (by 9:20, James' shower was cold). My stomach was also so upset the entire day I couldn't do anything or eat much of anything either. Then I got to spend an hour on the phone fighting with Verizon--smartphones hate me and I'm just about done with them. Luckily, being stuck on the couch all day was good for my hip. Sunday started with a car seat inspection at 8 am at the Irvine Police department. It's a good thing they had a cancellation since their next appointment wasn't until the end of October! We ran some more errands: returning a robe we bought for the hospital (I am done convincing myself I'm a robe person, I'm not), looking for a cheap, throw-away nightgown for the hospital, returning the window shades (get cling-on ones!) and waterproof playard sheet (didn't fit), getting special files for baby receipts and manuals and making a quick return to Macy's and getting some slippers for the hospital too! We ended at Macy's at the mall, and while I stopped at the restroom, James surprised me by getting tickets for the Avengers at the dollar theatre. We had an hour to kill, so James took me to Destination Maternity, where he found a very cute nursing cover--it looks like a cardigan instead of an apron and he's very proud of having found it. Then he took me to the cafe in Nordstrom for some food before we quickly headed to the movie. I felt so pampered and spoiled! However, I can only assume what happened next was contractions. Not only did my stomach muscles get all hard, but I had really, really bad period cramps. I was close to telling James we had to leave, but I'm stubborn, so I ended up taking a quick catnap (like 5 minutes) and changing positions until they went away. They didn't come back, but they did convince me that I'll probably end up getting an epidural. Now, before you rush to comment, this is between me, James and my doctor and I do not want your opinion on it (sorry to be blunt, but any comments on that decision will be ignored and deleted, it's my body and my choice and it's not one I make lightly). We headed home to make chicken enchiladas and spend some time the pups. It was a wonderful day!

Monday started with a call to the dentist. I'd been having some really bad tooth pain on and off all weekend and it turns out I needed a root canal. So I spent my Monday morning in the dentist's chair, getting my tooth drilled. It's really not that bad, and the pain wasn't horrible, though I did end up with a headache at the end of the day. Despite the fact that I feel like it wasn't a big deal, it was still exhausting, and I spent the entire afternoon sleeping on and off on the couch. I still have some soreness if I bite down with that front tooth, but I figure it takes a day or two for the tooth to recover so I'm not too concerned at this point. I ended the evening by eating way too much.

I guess BabyWatch 2012 has officially begun (much like our news' stations "Storm Watch 2012" sensationalism). It's the first question parishioners ask James at work, and I got three calls yesterday! (I love you guys, but I hate phones...sorry!) Do not fret, you will know what happens when it happens--especially via facebook. I really don't think he's going to show up any time soon, so I wouldn't expect to learn the name until at least the due date! ;)

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain: +34 lbs
Favourite clothes: A nightgown my parents got me. Super soft and comfy
Sleeping: Pretty well, minus the snap, crackle and pop I hear with each position shift
Best moment: My Sunday evening pampering!
Worst moment: Root canal
Miss anything: Normal activity, getting up without grunting
Cravings: Nothing in particular, though I really wanted some of Gabbi's shrimp enchiladas
New symptoms: Nothing new. The hip pain just gets worse and worse and I am so exhausted
Looking forward to: Meeting my baby boy, my friends' wedding, seeing my parents
Pregnancy brain moments: Nothing so far, though James left an empty water glass in the fridge the other day...maybe I passed it on to him!
Listening to: The Piano Guys! They're pretty cool and do great instrumental stuff
Crafting: Still working on the cocoon, but exhaustion and headaches make this difficult
Baby projects: *Sigh* so many, and so little time left. I think I'll have to give up on some/most of these ambitious plans. But it's ok, we've done a lot and I'm happy with what we've managed to do!

37 Weeks: Wallaby is now FULL TERM!

Oy, the belly is getting big

Very, very pregnant

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