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Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 15

Mmmm cotton candy
It kept licking the rock. Moose's zoo twin!
Behind on my blogs again! Sheesh. I need to get better at this. Especially since we're leaving in EIGHT DAYS for Israel! Omigosh I'm so excited, you have no idea. I'm writing this without having posted week 14, but I will tonight because I finally have pictures! Yay! :) And now I need to do the next one lol. Aside from my doctors experience, nothing much new to report this week. I've had some killer headaches, but I think that might be more stress-related than anything else, so I'm trying to nap when I get home from work and do relaxing things and not think about doctors. We had a great weekend in Coronado, going to the zoo, getting cotton candy, crafting and playing with the pups. We got their nails trimmed and their teeth brushed, though they gave up on Pippin's teeth and gave us a refund. It made a big difference in Moose's breath though, which is nice. Pippin still follows me around, even into the bathroom. She sits on the bed in the morning watching me and curls up with me every time I nap.
The best part: The tiger was visible!!! :)

How far along:  15 weeks
Total weight gain:   I'm still at -5, but I don't trust my scale. The doctor said I've gained one pound since March
Maternity clothes:   And loving them! I get to look pregnant, not snack-happy!
Stretch marks:   I might just skip this question from now on
Sleep:   Passing the kidney stone has made a huge difference
Best moment this week:   Passing the stone and feeling an immediate difference!
Miss anything:   I'm still missing things I can't eat, but I gave in and had a Hebrew National hot dog, after making sure it was heated up thoroughly
Movement:   Nothing since that weird was-it-wasn't-it? bubbling
Cravings:   Steak. I needed steak.
Queasy?:   Nope
Gender:   It's a mystery
Symptoms:   Same as last week, but I've found some tricks to cope
Belly button in or out?:   In
Wedding ring on or off?:   On
Happy or moody?:   Easily pissed. At doctors.
Looking forward to:   The pilgrimage trip! And meeting the possible new OB

On the way home from Coronado, we took a not-so-slight detour to Menifee, CA. (Yeah, I didn't know where it was either). It was about 70 miles from Coro, and 70 from Orange. We decided to go because Menifee has Texas Roadhouse, one of the most delicious steak places we've ever been to. The last time we went was when we drove cross-country and stopped in New Mexico. There aren't any that are any closer than this one, and there's only about 6 in California total. Their filet medallions with peppercorn sauce are so good and their bread is always hot and the butter is whipped with cinnamon sugar in it. YUM. It was more food than I could eat, but I tried anyways. James discovered this place when he lived in Waco, and we both fell in love with the food. So good. Anyways, James likes the idea of having the chalkboard in different places all the time, so we took a picture in front of Texas Roadhouse. It's not a great picture, and it's at night, without the right shirt, but here's week 15's picture. Oh and apparently, I misread and week 23 is a pomegranate and week 15 is a navel orange, but they're almost the same size. A small pomegranate and a large orange. Besides, a pomegranate is not the size of an eggplant, which is what another book says week 23 is (I've been planning ahead,) so I'm gonna go with pomegranate. Besides, I took time blending the red and purple together for the pomegranate and I didn't have my chalk with me.
15 weeks: Baby L is the size of a pomegranate (YUM)
At Texas Roadhouse (also YUM)

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