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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

16 Weeks

16 weeks! Only 1 month til the halfway mark! Crazy!

We've been busy, busy, busy here. We're cleaning/re-organizing the house. The three big boxes that were sitting unpacked in our bedroom have finally been put away! We only have three boxes left to unpack in the kitchen now! I went through my closet to see what I could and couldn't wear and ended up storing a lot of my clothes, though a few should work for a little longer, if not through the whole pregnancy. My shoes have been unpacked, though a lot of those have been stored too. I also went through all my bags! I packed up a lot of them since there's not a lot of room in the closet, but kept some of the smaller ones out, as well as my small suitcase for shorter trips.

James is going through all the paperwork we've saved and figuring out what we need to keep and what we need to shred. I've been slowly putting things away and gathering a little pile of things that will go to Israel with us. My new purse arrived Thursday afternoon so I've been trying to pack up things in there to see how they fit. Despite warnings about the water bottle pocket being small, it holds a small Nalgene or contoured Nalgene-like bottle fine. My new phones have arrived and neither have worked properly, but since we're leaving in 6 days (eee!) there's no point in getting another since I'll upgrade 4 days after we get back. I still have to go through  my iTunes, since I deleted my previous playlist. I have some new songs (Alan Doyle!!!) and some new audiobooks. I also discovered a nook giftcard I've had since Christmas but hadn't used and finagled two new books plus a short story from it; hopefully that will get me through at least the flights there.

How far along:  16 weeks
Total weight gain:   -1, according to the doctor (my scale says anywhere from -12 to -1 on the same day)
Maternity clothes:   Yep, although some of my stuff will last a while longer
Stretch marks:   No changes
Sleep:   I'm still tossing and turning, and I freak out when I wake up on my back, but I'm feeling much more rested
Best moment this week:   Meeting the new OB
Miss anything:   All those foods you can't eat, especially sushi and blue cheese
Movement:   A feeling that something was pushing out against my stomach and some more of those bubbles. The doctor isn't sure it's movement, but they were weird feelings
Cravings:   Toast with butter, peanut butter and honey. Mmmm
Queasy?:   Nope
Gender:   The ultrasound is schedule for June 1
Symptoms:   Pretty much the same
Belly button in or out?:   In
Wedding ring on or off?:   On
Happy or moody?:   Moody, but happy is a mood too
Looking forward to:   The pilgrimage of course! And the 20 week ultrasound!

James and I met the new OB yesterday afternoon. He was great! I instantly felt more comfortable with him that with Dr. Boyd; he was nice, and funny, and James confirmed that initial feeling; he said he liked him as a doctor too. He did an in-office ultrasound to confirm dates (still due October 16) and when we asked about the insurance part, he basically said he didn't care if he was paid for it or not; he's an OB because he loves doing it, not for the money. He has two offices, and we'll probably keep driving to the farther one because he's there Friday afternoons, which is perfect for us. He sent the authorization for the June 1st ultrasound and I authorized the transfer of records, so hopefully I won't have to see the old OB again.

And my dreams have been crazy lately! I've had four I can remember just this week! I dreamed that you could find butterbeer dresses, named so because of their colours: yellow dresses with a cream/ivory lace overlay. They were really beautiful, and if I could sew, I would definitely make one. Empire waist, not cut too low and really cute, slightly puffy sleeves. (I'm having a real problem finding maternity tops that aren't super low cut). I had another dream that we nicknamed the baby "Wallaby" until s/he was born, for lack of a name other than "Baby." I also dreamed that James came in one morning and asked me to get him a travel-sized toothpaste for the trip. I honestly thought I was awake for this, but when I asked James about it, he said he hadn't asked me anything. This morning, I woke up super early for me (6:30) and couldn't get back to sleep. I was watching the Today show and looking up information about our trip, with one dog curled up on each side of me, and I must have dozed off. The next thing I knew, I was at the airport for our flight, waiting for James to get there. I boarded the plane, and Al Roker was on the same flight! The flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems with the plane, and Al Roker gave me 2 free round-trip flights, plus tickets to my choice of Broadway shows. Then I had to find a different flight to London, and get our checked bags. Then I woke up. I've always had weird dreams, but I rarely remember them. James also said I sat up and said something weird last night, then laid back down; I have no memory of this, but this also isn't a rare occurrence, although usually James wakes me up laughing. I'm going to use the time on the plane to start keeping a journal; I've been meaning to, but something else always seems to come up.

That's it for week 16; I can't wait for what's still in store!
I really like these belly and chalkboard shots James is taking

Is Baby L a BOY or GIRL? Old Wives' Tales;
B: 2, G: 7, ?: 1. Ultrasound in June!
Belly zoom-16 weeks

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