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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

8 Months

It's been a pretty good month. I know I haven't updated for a while, but I am horrible about uploading pictures. In fact, we didn't even get the official 7 month picture on the couch. Whoops. It's been busy though. My mom came and visited after Mother's Day, and she was able to see his first food, which he had after his doctor's appointment exactly on his 7 month birthday. It's been going ok, but there have been some challenges. Hopefully this will clear up. I'm trying to make all our own food, and thanks to a shower gift, it is so simple! We just cut up the veggies, add water, press the timer button and the machine steams and purees the food. Then we put it in a silicone brownie mold and freeze it into cubes. So far, he likes his oatmeal, carrots and sweet potatoes. Rice cereal is snubbed, as are green beans (I think it's the texture) and peas. I'm going to try the peas again, pureeing them smoother. He liked the broccoli but it gave him horrible gas and resulted in some sleepless, painful nights, so we'll avoid that. Up next are fruits, so I'm hoping those go better.

After G's swim class on the 24th, we drove up to Walnut Creek to surprise my mom as a late birthday present. Dad was my co-conspirator and the drive went pretty well. We left around noon and got there at 7:40. Dad said he'd make sure they were home by 8, but they got held up, so we ended up waiting for them in the house. Dad didn't see my creepy text of "We're in the house," so he was freaked out when he saw us hiding, but we were able to really surprise mom!! She screamed, she was so surprised. Unfortunately, it was waaay past G's bedtime and he'd been stuck in a car all day, so he started crying at that point. It was so nice to be up there and see them, and because of Memorial Day, we didn't have to leave until Monday.

I went to physical therapy for my hip this month too. Apparently, my hips are tilted out of alignment. My therapist said this is common with young, "hypermobile" women who have given birth/been pregnant. She was able to give me some exercises and is confident we can fix it. It's still hurting a bit every now and then, but going well. I'm not allowed to go to dance for a while though, and I have to wait for my therapist to give me the ok to go to the gym. I am over 10 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight though so I'm thrilled (only about 10 more to go!) I've also been dealing with a bout of kidney stones, but can't take any pain medications for it since I'm still pumping. In other health-related news, I had a rough weekend in terms of clumsiness: I bonked my head on the table when picking something up off the floor, slammed my hip into the bedframe, stubbed both my feet into the playard at different times breaking my left pinky toe, slammed my finger down on an open staple and ran both knees into the door of the dog kennel, scraping them up. This was followed up by running into a door frame and scratching my arm, and stubbing my broken toe 3 more times during the week. Oy vey.

My birthday was this month too. I'm now officially in my late 20's, having hit 26 this year. Eeek. James took me trampolining and we went out for drinks and appetizers and a sushi dinner. It was fantastic, and a good friend of ours watched G. It was great. However, he has not been sleeping too well lately. I don't know if it's his tummy or that he's just used to getting up multiple times at night, but there have been a few nights that I've stayed up with him on the couch and he (meaning I) has (have) only slept about an hour, all in 10 minute spurts. Luckily, the past two nights have been great, so I'm hoping it's the beginning of a trend. Though I hope he goes down a little easier than last night, which was an absolute fight. I think he gets more tired now since he's started going to the Infant Center all day when I work now. He's just too active and gets bored at work with me, and this results in screaming, which is not conducive to working on the phone. But he loves it there, and now that he's going all day, he's actually happy to see us when we pick him up and reaches out for me *heart melts*!

In other news, I just have to share the weirdest thing from yesterday. I was driving to work, and as I came up on an intersection, there was a car crawling through it. I figured it was an older person driving super slow (happens a lot here), but when the car just stopped in the middle of the intersection, I decided to go around it. There was no one in the car!! So I pulled over and called the police to report it since it was causing a fair bit of confusion at the intersection. Chapman's wonderful Public Safety came up and knocked on my window when I was pulled over; I can only assume that since I had my flashers on, they thought I was involved, but I was on the phone reporting it at the time. It was gone by lunchtime, but I'm super curious about what it was all about.

-Has had rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli and peas. He does not like the green veggies.
-Is starting to paddle with his arms at swim class and doing great with putting his head under. One teacher told me he's really advanced for his age (this simply means he's not screaming when I take him in the water). He's now a "guppy" and in the intermediate level
-Is really starting to "walk" when supported. Actually, it's more like a waddle
-Watches Sprout while I pump. He really likes Story Train and Poppy Cat and Caillou (such a whiny voice...). It actually lets me pump without tantrum-level screaming. Or at least for the most part...
-Is starting to lift his belly off the ground, get on his hands and knees and scoot backward! This usually results in crying because he really wants to go forward.
-Held his bottle, tipping it up enough to actually drink from it on his own!
-Loves a wooden spoon and a box more than any other toy
-Loves the puffs and baby mum mums
-Shakes his head no all the time! Sassy boy.

Little Moments:
-James will hold G on his shoulders, which allows G perfect access to suck on his hair. Since we're pretty sure he's teething again, this results in a lot of drool and James having to wash his head :)
-May 28: An hour and a half long nap in the recliner with G asleep on my chest. Best nap ever
-G trying to play "Boo!" with James by hiding his face in James' chest,then popping up too look at him, after James boos him first
-James asked G if he wanted James to come visit at daycare before he left for lunch, and G shook his head emphatically!
-Bathing him in the sink in Coronado, and watching him try to catch the water from the faucet, or save it from going down the drain
-When he's tired and "conks" his head against you. This is the adorable head drop/snuggle, not the screaming headbutt that almost splits your lip.
-This might be horrible, but I feel a little leap of happiness when he fusses when I leave him at daycare. He used to not even notice that I was gone, but now he notices and he reaches out for me when I pick him up. So sweet.
-He pushes himself up onto his knees, lifting his tummy off the floor and kinda rocks back and forth. He ends up going backwards, but it's so cute!

Won't hold still for a photo anymore :)

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