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Friday, October 16, 2015

Grayson Year 3

Oh, my baby boy. You've grown up so, so much.

He's now 25 lbs, and about 3 ft tall. He's got sass, is extremely well spoken, and hardly ever shuts up ;). He's got a crazy awesome imagination and tells us stories, engages in imaginative play, and comes up with crazy ideas. He's my little tornado, has the energy of a hummingbird, and never holds still, even in his sleep. He's mastered potty training, which I'm thrilled with. He's obsessed with Mickey Mouse, and we've ended up with a DVR full of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He still loves cars and trucks, and boats and trains, and anything else with an engine. He loves being outside, regardless of heat or bugs, and especially loves water, whether it's the Gulf, the bay, a beach, the splash pad, the hot tub, or even baths. He's wearing 3T shirts, but is still in 18-24 months pants, with size 7-8 shoes. He's been moved up in school, and is loving the more school-like environment. I still can't get over how grown up and intelligent he is. He talks constantly and comes up with crazy stuff: saying Gaga is "nervous" instead of "hilarious," congratulating the pilots on driving the plane well, and the absolute hijinks he gets into with his little girlfriend L. <--Seriously, they kill me with their cuteness. I've loved the last three years getting to know him, even when he's as stubborn as me and we butt heads. I can't wait to keep watching  him grow and see the kind of man he becomes.

3 years silly

Park time with the baby dinosaur

Birthday party

Dolphin cruise; we told him to look at the camera

Caught a crab


Napping with Gaga

Sibling love

First baseball game

Feeding his cousin

Battleship selfie

My silly goose

<3 <3 <3

Helping to clean up sticks

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