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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ainsley Month 7

March 24-April 23

-14 lb, 8 oz, 25" long
-Ditched the swaddle (waaah!)
-Still in the cosleeper next to mommy
-Absolutely adores her big brother. He can always get her to smile (or calm down)
-Her first real giggle from nuzzling her cheek with my nose
-Attempting to crawl!
-Teeth. I forgot how much teething sucks
-Everything she can grab goes in her mouth. Everything
-Loves her jumper! She has a blast jumping up and down and playing with the toys. Gives my arms a break!

Ainsley rolled over swaddled the very day she turned 6 months (3/24). This meant we had to ditch the swaddle, which has resulted in a lot of hit or miss sleep lately. She's sleeping pretty regularly in a sleep sack or her zipadeezip (though that's a bit big and we've only used it for naps). 
She's also becoming way more mobile: she'll get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth, a definite precursor to crawling (which G never did). She also pulled herself to "standing" with her belly supported on the arm of the couch--what?! She definitely gets frustrated when she wants to get somewhere and can't.
Since she's done much better with feeding herself, we're using a modified baby-led weaning approach. and being very inconsistent. Poor second child. Yogurt gets put right on the tray for her to play in, and she has a little silicone feeder musher thing that seems to work pretty well. She's had carrots, yogurt, red bell pepper puree, avocados, cucumber, and some lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette she thieved off my plate one night. You've really got to watch your food, because she'll lunge for it. She'll also just watch you eat if she's not eating; it's kinda creepy. She's got two teeth now, so it's on (it being teething crankiness). 
We're still experimenting with babywearing. She usually ends up in the ergo because it's the fastest and what I'm most proficient with. I love her ring sling, but she's kicking all the time, and manages to pop her butt out of it quickly. I also can't wait to try out the mesh water wrap I got for this summer, so I can take G swimming at camp. I have a woven wrap I borrowed to practice with this month, and I fell in love with a beautiful mei tai I borrowed. For now, I'll just keep drooling over pretty ways to carry her until I make a decision on what "one last thing" (-James) to get.

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