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Friday, February 14, 2014

16 Months

My little babe is growing up way too fast. I'm constantly hearing his feet tapping on the floor as he runs around the house, never holding still for more than a few seconds at a time. Curious and inquisitive, we constantly hear "wass dees?" and he's forever pulling things out and [sometimes] putting them back.

Challenges: separation anxiety, tantrums, lack of weight gain
Triumphs: sippy cups (1 bottle at night), adventurous palate, cuddles
Words: "wass dees," "uppy," (puppy) "oose," (Moose) "ip," (Pippin we think) "up!," "dada," (this refers to everything) "bah bah" (bye bye)
Favourite toys: Little People ark, pretend food from Ikea, LeapFrog Scout dog, big bouncy balls. He's still a very independent player, but will bring you things, asking "wass dees?" Books are also a hit, but he only holds still for a page or two
Firsts: running, haircut, ear infection

I'm so grateful that G is an adventurous eater. Even though he fusses when we first sit down, if we continue to eat, he will eventually want to join in. He loves anything he can hold, and especially anything he can dip. He still won't feed himself; he'll try maybe once a week, but since he usually dumps the food before it gets to his mouth, he's perfectly happy to be fed. He's had spicy orange chicken with a couscous salad and lentil soup lately. He eats really well, but has barely gained a pound since we moved, and the doctor wants us to focus on upping his calories (butter on everything!) I was pretty tiny though too, so I'm trying not to worry because I know he's getting plenty of food. I honestly think he's just so active that he burns off the calories as fast as we can get them in him. He literally runs circles around me in the kitchen!

Lately, he's been ridiculously cuddly! He's been giving hugs and kisses, wanting to constantly sit in our laps or be held, holds onto our legs when we're standing and is just all about being a lovebug lately. I have been enjoying the heck out of this! It melts my heart to see him run toward my open arms or have him crawl into my lap or smile when I kiss his cheek.

G has an ear infection, diagnosed after I brought him in for a cough that just won't stop. He's still coughing at night, but the doctor seemed to think if we take care of the ear infection it might help the cough since it's not in his lungs. Luckily, G is awesome at taking medicine, and seems to like the disgustingly sweet bubble gum flavour of his antibiotic. He'll still fight a syringe pretty stubbornly, but he likes the little measuring cup and was even upset a few nights ago because there wasn't more!

My surgery went really well! It's been a month and I'm still a tad bit sore, but the nausea is gone and I'm feeling so much better than before! I was up and about the next day (up and about=shower and walking to the kitchen and back). James was wonderful; he took care of everything while I was getting my energy back, did wonderfully with G and understood when all I felt up to eating was rice or pasta stars (and would cook them for me). Life has been pretty good. I'm still getting over my Christmas cold; it seems to keep coming back, but I'll kick it eventually. The weather has been decent and we missed the snow when we went out to California to visit my parents (G did really well with the time change and the stress of a missed flight and lost car seat!) All in all, a pretty good month and I think we're adjusting pretty well!

16 months. I have no idea how he got his arm out.
Pick me up!

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  1. Don't let the doctors drive you mad. I'm hearing it EVERY TIME when we see our doctor. Emma is nearly 4 now, 104cm and only 15kg and Jonas is 2 with 89cm and nearly 11kg. As long as they are doing fine I'm fine. And you should be, too. Mine always get their extra butter but they run around all the time. So how should they gain much? It's a very good thing when they run around a lot - they feel fine. Take it easy. Love from your old home, Miriam!