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Thursday, May 2, 2013

6 Months

The 6 month post has been waylaid by G's tummy troubles. A week after Easter, we noticed that G was having some issues with bowel movements. As in, they weren't happening. I had read that it's pretty normal for little ones to go a few days between and decided not to worry about it. But it continues for about two weeks, and his 6 month birthday was coming up. We were so excited to start solid food with him, but I was worried because he often seemed in pain after eating, was throwing up about half of what he ate (even hours after eating) and was still having trouble going to the bathroom. When we called the nurse on his 6 month birthday, she recommended going to the ER. What happened with the doctor (and I use that term loosely) at CHOC's emergency department is another post in itself, but suffice it to say that despite having blood in his stool, since he looked happy at the time, we were sent home being told that the ultrasound showed an intussusception that wasn't treatable and it was probably a milk allergy, so I should cut out all dairy. We saw the pediatrician the next day who said the doctor was crazy and I could have dairy. What had happened with the ultrasound was that they found an intussusception (telescoping of the bowel that can cause blockage) but that it had cleared itself up as they watched. When pushed, we got a referral to a GI specialist, who has been fantastic. Not only did she believe us, but she listened to us and understood why we were concerned. She said it sounded like a recurring intussusception and ordered two tests to see if there was a lead point (something that the bowel was catching, causing the telescoping). This is kinda getting into 7 month territory, but G had the upper GI/small bowel test, where they feed him a barium bottle and then took x-rays to check for "structural anomalies," but it came back negative. This is good news, but also kinda bad because this means he needs the next test, which is a barium enema. That's scheduled for next week, and hopefully we will get some answers after that when we see the specialist again. For now, he's getting milk of magnesia every morning and pedialyte along with milk. He's eating much less than normal, and hearing him cry in pain and not being able to do anything about it is completely heartbreaking.
This has also resulted in a sleeping problem. Due to either pain or hunger (from not getting enough calories during the day) G has started waking up multiple times at night. We gave up the car seat, because it seemed to make him hurt more; maybe your bowels get all squished together when sitting asleep? He is now in the crib, but the constant waking is starting to wear on James and me. Although, it is pretty funny when you wake up to see him scootched all the way to the bottom corner of the crib, fall asleep and wake up again to see him turned 180 degrees around at the top of the crib. Still not sure how he did that. This has also led to a bit of co-sleeping. If he wakes around 4:30 (usually the 2nd or 3rd time, and he's already been fed), I pull him into bed with us, putting him on his back between me and James, moving the pillow far away, pushing the blankets off of me (brrrr) and not really sleeping, but dozing. This actually works like a charm and allows all 3 of us to get a bit more rest, even if I'm always at the edge of wakefulness.

-is super interested in our food--grabbing our bottles, glasses, and forks. He tried o grab the communion bread from my hand, and even hooked the chalice at church
-can roll to get around, belly to back and back to belly
-can sit unassisted for 1+ minutes
-got his first two teeth at the beginning of April! Both bottom ones came in at once
-has started to grasp the idea of creeping along--he is able to move  little, but usually just kicks his legs and then gets frustrated when he doesn't move closer to the toy
-babbles and talks to us, usually just variations of "aah," but sometimes "ba" or "va"
-is standing up like crazy, even able to hold himself up on the coffee table for a bit
-can pick up pretty much anything
-is throwing things. Watching mommy and daddy pick up his toys 58 times in 5 minutes must be very amusing

Best Moments:
-Any time he falls asleep on me is a best moment. He really is a sweetheart
-James was holding him and Pippin brought G her toy. Usually she likes to tug on it, but as soon as he grabbed it, she let go and waited for him to "throw" it
-When he's getting sleepy for a nap, he will turn his head and burrow into my chest/armpit, which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever
-Running out of room in the freezer because I have so much milk in it. Seriously, we just plugged in the third fridge in the garage so I can store some milk there. As soon as he's eating solids, I'm going to wean off pumping (which btw, does anyone know how to wean when you're EPing?)
-Being back below my pre-pregnancy weight! Woot! Now, on to the pre San Diego weight...maybe I will keep pumping for another ten pounds lol
-His screeching laugh when he sees Daddy or the dogs or gets his diaper changed or is playing peekaboo
-The totally out of it look he has for the first 10 minutes or so after waking up
-Being able to calm him down just by singing to him

What a ham! 6 months, starting month 7!

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  1. I exclusively pump and started weaning a bit. I've found slipping a bit if extra time between each pumping has worked great for me. I've had mastitis 7 times in 10 months 3 put me on week long IV antibiotics so I was scared to wean off as well. I now pump 4x a day 10,4,10,4 and its working well. I get enough milk in a day to keep up with my son who is 10 months and eating solids as well.