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Thursday, February 14, 2013

4 Months

G is four months old today! What happened to 1/3 of the year? My little baby isn't so little anymore. I was looking at pictures of his first bath and he looked so small in the infant bath; now we're about to take out the sling, have had to remove the changing attachment on the playard and remove the bassinet level! So what's he been up to? Well, if I may borrow a friend's format:

-can hold his head up like crazy
-can almost sit up on his own and put weight on his legs with assistance
-may possibly be teething, but is definitely drooling on everything
-is trying to blow raspberries. This exacerbates the drooling
-is still exclusively breastfed
-has been sleeping through the night! (with a few difficult nights)
-found his feet and likes to hold onto them, especially when changed, which happens about 15 times a day
-kicks up a storm (future Riverdancer?)
-babbles at us every night and is extremly vocal
-has the cutest, most heart-melting smile and the most adorable laugh
-still needs to be swaddled and have white noise to fall asleep
-loves his bath
-wears size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes
-enjoys being read to and watching Food Network

I'm doing pretty well. I'm below my prepregnancy weight because of breastfeeding and am starting to exercise again to reach my pre-San Diego weight. I pump 30-40 oz per day, which has resulted in a quite impressive freezer stash. Anything G doesn't eat will be donated to CHOC. I'm still exhausted because while G sleeps through the night, I'm still waking up to check on him and sometimes to scoot him up when he fusses because he's kicked himself too low in his car seat. Between this and pumping, I also can't use G's naps to sleep since I have to use them to get things done, which results in a zombie-like, often grumpy mama.   We've been settling into a nice routine, though it's not set in stone, and I wouldn't want it to be. I'm often running late the days that I work, but have been managing. G stays with me in the morning, then goes to the Infant Care Center at James' work for the afternoon, which he seems to really enjoy. We're still struggling with naps, since he usually takes two 30 minute naps a day, which results in a very fussy baby come night time; the days he takes longer naps, he is very pleasant. We're also struggling with "silent reflux," which we thought was congestion. He's now taking Zantac twice a day, and sleeping in his car seat since being flat is too uncomfortable for him. He also still hates tummy time, though the doctor says that probably has to do with the reflux too. Hopefully he'll grow out of it quickly and the medicine will help until then. Overall, he's a pretty awesome baby and I can't get over how much I love him or how fast he's growing. Some days I can't wait til he can talk, other days I wonder where the tiny little newborn went.

Best Moments:
-One night, he was leaning against my knees and we were talking to him. He looked up at me and James, then laughed out loud. We laughed back bc it was adorable, and that made him laugh, which made us laugh again. It went on for about 5 minutes until I was nearly in tears from laughing. <3
-His little eyes peeking up above the ergo when he was a little too small to be without the infant insert but too big for the insert. It was adorable and now he's big enough to properly fit. I missed the opportunity to get a photo of it, but will always remember just his eyes peeking out.
-We were sitting on the couch, and I looked down in time to see him gently pet Moose on the head. I doubt the intentionality of this gesture, as he usually just flails at the dogs, but it was still pretty sweet.

February 14. 4 months old, starting month 5!! 
14 lbs, 24.5 inches. The pediatrician said he is just perfect!

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